Funny guild names.

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Best one me and my husband have seen is

"Thunder Bluff Steak House" - Ally guild :D
How about this one?
<Victorious Secret>
Also this one

My druid's guild is <Hail The Magic Conch> and my warlock's guild is <Supreme Meme Dream Team>
Two Gnomes One Challice
<We Put The Sexy In Dyslexia>
The other day I saw <A E I OWN U> which made me laugh.
Always liked mine.
Mine's not funny, it's just silly.

(Jim's alt)

I like Zefiris' one above too.
<- But I've also seen
<Break It You Tank It> on a guy who had not idea what CC was.
I always thought my guild name was pretty silly
Some people are so clever at making guild names. Mine would be so lame if I made one and then I'd see an awesome one and be all sad face.
Threads like this are good. Can I pinch one of these ones?
<Your Mom's A Horde>
<But Mom I'm Doing Arena> always gave me a laugh
<Free Honour Kills>
<Minions, Inc.>
<Name Pending> and <TBC>

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