Funny guild names.

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<Gingers Have Souls> today in SW.
In 12 years, one guild name that stuck with me and still makes me giggle is, <Knights Who Say Ni>

Now that I have returned to WoW for Legion, I have ran into the following that tickle my humor bone called:

<Jesus Has My Soulstone>
<Desperate Old Ladies>
<Wants A Muffin>
<MewMew Kitten Squad>
<Seal Cub Clubbing Club>
<Slippery When Wet>
<Remeber The CrossRoads>
<Backseat Window Lickers>
<Servants of The Noodle>
<Over Raided>

Now, some of these guild names I have come across on Guild Finder and a few are very small or new guilds, but I'd like to give them credit for creativity and fun word play.
Haven't seen it mentioned yet.

<Get Gear or Wipe Trying>
My guild name would be:

<Forum Necromancers>, because this is post a necro.
Legendary Memes from Metzen's Dreams
<Naga Please>
Old Folks Home on Dalaran
<Nagas With Attitude>

<Girl without a mic>
Not sure if posted in this thread already but - <Lebowskis Urban Achievers>

Love that movie if you know where its from.
Built Horde Tough
Team Redundancy Team
Gluttons for Punishment
<Being Racist Pays Off>

<Dead Naga Storage>

<Cute Little Undead Girls>

Saw these years ago.

<Me So Hordey>

(Think 2 Live Crew)
Was in an all gnome guild called:

Rock me Gnomadeus
The Dwarfanage made by a friend. As expected: all Dwarf guild on a RP server except one of my toons.
I decided to be silly and put in a lvl 10 Panda mage whom I dressed in a chef outfit and named Nomie

When I log onto him and walk around Stormwind, I get quite a lot of people with anger emotes lol

There was another guild I found named <of House Goodmen>. Once I saw the toons named "Ten" and "Twenty" I knew they were a GoT meme reference
<Intense Intents in Tents>

<At least We Got Stables>

top 2 funniest ones I've seen in my years of wow
03/12/2017 05:34 PMPosted by Teradan
<At least We Got Stables>

I remember that one. We actually fought them in AB. The one I saw was <At Least We Took Stables>
A couple I remember from bonechewer
<Forgot to Wipe>
<Bootleg Fireworks>
Almost forgot:

<We Dont Wipe>

A group of friends and I were going to make a guild named <The Dark Side> with everyone having cookie names (such as Macadamianut, Sugah, Snickerdoodle, etc.)
Unfortunately it didn't work out :(
<We dont know how to wipe>
<Massively Huge>
<Our guild name doesnt fit in this spa>

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