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Favorite New WoW Streamer in 2014
Poll ended on Mar 17, 2015
CinCinBear, my love <3
CinCinBear of course
I... never heard of anyone on this list. Although Cincinbear seems to be popular? Let's see what Google has to say about her.

"See CinCinBear grope and kiss fellow girl streamer DizzyKitten!"

Is this just the category for the twitch !@#$%s?
FTWitachi @ ;)
Taymoo ofc.
MickeyMikell :)
Zerorunes is a really early stream hard to see him win this given the lower amount of early morning viewers
Rikh (Twitch id Rikhh )
Cincin ftw! Ugh I can't stand blondiewondie but I can see exactly why a lot of people like her.
who the hell are these guys?
Since when was BlondieWondie a new WoW Streamer? Pretty sure she has been streaming longer than lets say Taymoo has. Why is she even on this list if she's not a new WoW streamer?

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