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Favorite WoW PvE Streamer in 2014
Poll ended on Mar 17, 2015
I vote Towellie!! :D

Best Streamer EVAR!!
Vote for Towelliee!!!
Voted Towelliee for PvE and Bajheera for PvP, I watch them both and I support both of them.
I vote Towellie!!
I'm torn between Ducksauce and Towelliee...
Go Towelliee!! Hammers up!
Unban Reckful! I demand a write in, he is still the best WoW streamer without even streaming WoW.

Ching gets my vote.
hammers up!
I wish I could vote for like 3 or 4 people.
I don't know any of them besides fatbosstv guess ill have to pass up on this poll
this contest just shows up hor oblivious blizzard really is considering they have Dexter_bl AND Seriousgaming (same person LOL). and of course allinity who just shows her cleavage but u know thats a great stream nowadays... how is spartysmallwood who does nothing but stream high progresion raiding while teaching the wow community at the same time NOT on this list?! Blizzard seriously hire some competant ppl aready!
I'm all about my Slootykins!
Hammers Up!
I vote SpartySmallwood Shows more pve content than anyone in that bunch and a ton more helpful on gearing people up and showing them the ropes on PVE/Raiding helps with addons and everything it's a shame that he can't be voted for.

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