Seeking Enhance rotations, tips, etc

Hey all, so I've decided to shelf my 85 Lock for my Shaman and I was hoping to get a little insight into Enhance from the pros here. Specifically, rotation or tips for PvE as well as PvP. When I played a Rogue, it was mainly a button mashing fest. Is it similar for Enhance or is there a specific order that attacks should be sequenced?

I do understand Searing Flame stacks and Lava Lash, but otherwise? For PvP, what's your totem preference? Do you just macro a stack of 4 or do you use certain totems singularly when necessary?

Thanks and my apologies for my newbieness when it comes to Shaman! Lol.
I dont know much about PVP, but here is my priorites for PvE:

Searing Totem (if its not up or is about to run out)
Lava Lash
Flame Shock w/Unleash Flame buff
Lightning Bolt @Maelstrom Weapon x5 stacks
Unleash Elements
Earth Shock
Spirit Wolves

But remember this is a priority based system and not an actual rotation.
As far as starting things of, is ususally start with Unleash Elements > Flame shock while still at range, then let go with a LL when I hit melee range then drop tots once im in position. This is assuming that I know the tank will have proper controll of agro.

EJ's is a great place to start for the PVE side of enhance.

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