Ghostcrawler Spirt Beast Pet

For any other Hunters out there searching for Ghostcrawler. I tamed him at 5:05pm Server last night. He was in the north east corner of The Abyssal Depths. Kind of hard to spot if you are not running NPC Scan. Trap did not work on him so be prepared to get close to low health.

Good luck Hunting

PS......If anyone comes across the Rare Lava Turtle in Hyjal pst me :) Terrorpene is the name :)
I saw him a few weeks ago while making my way through Vashj too...sadly too low to tame him. For other people hunting for him, he actually phases in and out of existence and has a wide path, so he's going to be hard to track down.
Ya i noticed that he phases in and out, I thought he despawned right as I got to him and was like ughhhhhh WTF. Then he popped up in a new spot maybe like 30 yards in front of me. Sucks traps dont work on him though. And ya he does have a really big path. HE pretty much covers the whole area of the Abysal Depths.
One of our hunters tamed him a couple weeks ago. The plan is to sacrifice him to the raiding gods at the beginning of every reset for good luck :D

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