SoJ Recruitment. Updated/Moved.

Shattered Hand
Please see the new thread. :)
Hi friend. :)
Silly lvl 1 alts...

This thread has my support.
How bout a feral druid
Need any rogues? :o

bump for some very %@!!ty players, basically the trash that never got cleaned up in the old halfway decent SOJ
servants of justice has always been a barely mediocre guild. plus they're a bunch of boring nerds who like to make raiding a chore. i'd rather gargle broken glass than ever raid with them.

also, what a terribly generic guild name. god damn.
Thanks for the bumps! Up again!
PB&J Rules. In case you were curious.
bumps? rofl, these forums are dead. this garbage isn't going anywhere, sadly.
<3 tock
Ever helpful Rampant Fronting! Bump!
Why can't you awfuls just die already?
We live healthy lifestyles :D. Bump!
Do you only accept lvl 85's?
We prefer you be lvl 85 and ready to jump right into raiding. If you have friends in the guild and would like a place to hang out we do accept casuals however.

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