OK to use Large Address Aware Flag with WOW?

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I didn't mean to make it sound like i was acclaiming its impossible for it to crash.
Just wanted to get information in on the side of extreme users.
Not only do i run this all at max, i do not close other applications at all, have many running,
and run a full hd rig consisting of 4 monitors (tv55" 25" 30"(gaming screen) 27").

Just trying to add some information to this report from the side of another extreme user.

From a software development background, information on when it works is just as important as information about when it breaks. Especially when it includes hardware information that could be relevant. Just because you don't care doesn't mean devs won't and if you really don't know if its important you probably shouldn't claim to.
Just out of curiosity what happens when you set the LAA flag with only 4 gigs of ram? And I'm glad I found this thread, I always wondered why in some areas where my FPS was still 50+ my game would feel like it was chugging and choppy. That drives me crazy. I think this memory limit might be why as I play at high resolutions.

I'll probably grab another 4 gigs and check out this LAA since ram is cheap as hell these days.
I'm not the most tech savvy guy when it comes to programing and stuff, but I think the reason it's said to only use LAA with 6 or more gigs is because if you're on a 64bit OS (which is the only time I think you can use it) it says to the program "Hey, you can use up to 4 gigs for whatever." That doesn't leave any extra room for the OS and things like that, so when you take that into account you have to figure that you're probably only really getting an extra gig of ram usage. So it probably wont be beneficial to set it.

On a different note, I'm glad that I was pointed to this thread. I haven't done a lot of testing yet, but this seems to have really helped me out. For some reason, when they did the graphic overhaul in cata, my computer decided that even on a smaller 1680x1050 monitor it doesn't want to max things out. It just crashed occasionally rofl

I wonder if, considering how long this has been around it seems, blizzard will ever add in an in-game toggle type thing. I do wonder if it's even possible actually... but you got to figure when they fully support/implement (as I believe it's in early stages still) DX11 there is going to be an in-game toggle. I know they aren't going to (and probably never will) make a 64bit client, and are allowing this change to the client... just you have to make it and that can lead to other changes they maybe don't want.
Sorry just noticed it was the same post my bad .

If it helps, we're adding LAA to 4.1 :)
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Wow, the amount of ignorance in this thread is.....almost physically painful. I don't understand why people who clearly have no knowledge of the topic at hand think they're qualified to run their mouths about anything.

ITs not a critical problem because your marketshare is so small. YOU are going to have to work around it, as Blizz has little intention or motivation to fix YOUR issue with edge case hardware/software. There is no economic reason to spend money fixing it at this time. You are like the idiots that scream for a Linux client' just because' and completely ignore the economic reality that the OS you are using is not mainstream.

Seriously...what is your malfunction? You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, so you should just keep your mouth shut to be completely honest.

You keep rambling on and trying to blame the 64bit Operating System like you're knowledgeable about anything, but to anyone with any real experience you just look like a raving idiot.

This has NOTHING to do with instabilities, it's just simple math. World of Warcraft is coded as a 32bit executable. By their very nature, it is not possible for a 32bit program to exceed the usage of 2GB of RAM at any given time. When it tries to use more than 2GB of RAM, it crashes because it no longer knows what to do with it.

That's all that's happening here. It has nothing to do with buggy hardware, or a faulty operating system, or any other lunacy you want to try to spread in an attempt to make yourself feel better.

Oh, also if you currently have more than 4GB of RAM installed on your computer, and are running a 32-bit OS, then you're wasting your money and making a fool of yourself.

12/23/2010 09:01 PMPosted by Fanahlia
the effort it takes to rewrite 32-bit code to 64-bit takes a lot of time and money. Especially for applications that have been around for years as 32-bit. It's not as simple as search-and-replace in the C or C++ code, recompile, release, and crack open the wine bottle.

Who's suggesting that the entire game should be written into a 64-bit format? All the OP is suggesting is that the /largeaddressaware flag be set within the executable. That would take all of 10 seconds to do, and can even easily be done by ANYONE. The OP is just asking whether or not such a thing is an actionable offense.

The /largeaddressaware flag is something created by Microsoft as a sort of bridge, just for this exact kind of situation. What this does is it allows a 32bit executable to use more than 2GB of memory without causing it to crash. Microsoft on their own website even go so far as to say that any quality programmer would enable this flag when working with a 32bit executable.

Players who have enabled this flag report that the memory related crashes stop altogether, and that the game runs perfectly for them afterwards even at the highest possible settings.

Blues put in an analogy. Kinda paraphrasing from memory.

Its like owning a Ferrari. SURE you can go 150 miles per hour, (omfg awesome graphics settings) but the police (WoW's limitations with 64bit OS) won't let you and will pull you over and take your license away (Client crashing).

Deal with it. Tune your graphics down.

OR downgrade to a 32bit OS

That's just.....I have no words to describe how ridiculous this is, and if a blue (especially one in tech support) did say such a thing I'd be inclined to report them to their supervisor for it.

This isn't a ferrari, and we're not trying to endager someones life by driving 150 MPH and breaking the law. WoWs 32bit memory limitation is NOT the law, nor the "police". It's simply sloppy coding on Blizzards part for not having enabled this flag LONG ago.

There's no reason not to, other than their own stubbornness. The real facts here are that WoW has a memory leak, and that Blizzard doesn't want to admit it. They want to carry on saying that it isn't an issue because the game doesn't use more than 2GB of memory, but that's just a lie.

Are you psychic? I think i love you. xD

until all OS and all software are done in 64-bit and 32-bit is barely offered, 64 bit is not the norm. 32-bit is not gone. as you can tell, most of the software, are still 32-bit, it is not truly 64-bit. just because your win7 64bit OS can run that 32bit software of yours, does not mean 32-bit is gone.

64-bit is only starting to become the norm.

I hate to point this out but computing started shifting to x64 back in the early 90's(or late 80's depending on your PoV) with RISC. Mainstream adaption caught on after AMD released the x86-x64 architecture that allowed inprocessor execution of 32bit code in a 64bit environment via protected mode. So that would be early 2000's(or late 90's). I've been running a x64 OS in some fashion since 2001 when WinXP-64 came out. Although NT3.51 supported x64 back in the mid 90's(in a server based environment) but only on particular CPU's.

32bit is dead, it's been dead for the last 4-5 years or so. You can't buy a processor today that's only 32bit in the consumer market(servers are different, and used in legacy because they still contain native 16bit registers). Everything is x86-x64, fabbing to that type happened in 2006/7 for everything, including mobile CPU's.

The reason why adoption has been slow, for two reasons. Misinformation, and *!#%ty sloppy programmers who can't follow normal 32bit registers, and use 16bit shortcuts. Seriously this gets old, much like 'why aren't we using IPv6 yet'? Because people are sucking at the tit of misinformation, and only 10 years of warnings weren't heeded.

Speaking of misinformation. Not all processors use the x86-64 instruction set. Intel has released several Atom processors that only use the "32bit" x86 instruction set and SIMD instruction sets (SSE for those that don't know). Most programmers don't take the path of manually coding for the 32bit registers to avoid problems. Typically, the only time you'd manually code for the 32bit registers, is when using a low-level programming language such as ASM (assembly language)
If it helps, we're adding LAA to 4.1 :)
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Is there any confirmation that this change went live with 4.1 or a subsequent patch?
Eñrique, the game has indeed been using large address aware since 4.1. If you are still experiencing out of storage/memory crashes it is highly probable that your cache folder is corrupt and must be deleted.
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can you tell me what to do to make it work. IN ENGLISH!
wait wrong thread
Holynightjj, this thread is extremely old and a good portion of the information here isn't applicable. World of Warcraft is large address aware by default.

There is also a 64-bit client available. The game is likely using it automatically if you're running a 64-bit operating system. Open Task Manager when you're in the game and see if there's a program running as "Wow-64.exe" - if so, you're already running the 64-bit version.

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