Farming justice points (hypothesis)

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-You get justice points from heroics
-The queue for cata heroics as dps is long
-WOTLK heroics give justice points
-WOTLK heroics are easy
-lvl 85 can solo WOTLK heroics
-You can farm justice points while waiting for queue to pop to farm even more justice points!
12/23/2010 6:45 PMPosted by Hierax
Can't get JP from level 80 content.

Aww you cant? I never did test it thus the hypothesis bit.
i doubt 85s can solo wrath heroics
12/23/2010 7:04 PMPosted by Mazear
i doubt 85s can solo wrath heroics

Well the mobs hit like a wet noodle and i'd imagine a tank speced class at 85 would have no problem with bosses... I'm gonna say prot pallys for sure could pull it off. Everyone else... Maybe.

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