[Arch] Tol'vir and Nerubian

Yep, another rant post on archaeology. Nothing new here. I'm 18/20 for my Professor title, and my only options remaining are Tol'vir (from which I've already gotten 2 rares) or Nerubian. Both of which have under a 15% spawn rate for their respective continents.

- Farming NE, Troll, and Fossil fragments to get Tol'vir to SPAWN is not fun.
- Farming NE, Troll, and Vrykul fragments to get Nerubian to SPAWN is not fun.
- RNG spawn locations are not fun.
- RNG recipe generation is not fun.
- The combination of these factors takes [not fun] and pushes it well into the territory of [frustrating]. If you want your playerbase to get burned out, please carry on. Otherwise, come up with a new way of making these rares difficult to come by.

Step 1: Allow us to focus specifically on one race (ie, dig only in Uldum)

Step 2: ???? (a few possible options below)

- Give rares an excessively high fragment requirement (like 500-1000 fragments)
- Lower drop chance of rares (more RNG, but less stressful, as you aren't battling for RNG spawns AND recipe spawns)
- Limit # of digs per hour or per day (incourages arch farming as a casual side-profession, rather than a fixated mind-f*** time sink farm grind)

Step 3: Profit! More players participate in Archaeology and enjoy the profession.
What I recommend to you, is to get 3 of your 4 sites active in somewhere that you don't want to be. That is to say, if you're done with NE, keep three of your digs Riplash Ruins and Crystal Song Forest, this will reduce your chances of popping another NE spawn to 1/12 and increase your chances of popping a Nerubian spawn to a little better than 1/5. Unfortunately it also increases your chances of popping Troll spots to 1/6 and Vrykul spots to....a little better than 1/2. Good luck.
What I recommend to you, is look up the term "faulty syllogism".

Leaving up 3 spawns for "Race X" does not reduce the chance of the 4th spawn being "Race X" or increase the chance of it being "Race Y".

The only effect it has is not allowing it to spawn in the exact same location, so if there are 100 spawns in Northrend, and 25 are NE, you have a 25% chance to get a NE spawn. If you leave 3 NE spawns up, you have a 22% chance to get a NE spawn on the 4th.

This also significantly slows down your farming rate, and overall will only slow your progress.

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