Paladin Leveling Help

Hi Paladins,
My wife has taken up playing WoW and has a shiny new Paladin. She insists on playing Ret. I am not always around to help her with this class and I've never seriously played one.

After searching around the 'net I was wondering if any of you could point me towards a guide that talks about Ret: talents, grouping, etc.?

I was not able to locate anything decent and EJ may be a little advanced for a new player.


That's where I learned the spec. They've got guides on everything: PvP, PvE, talents, levelling, professions, everything there is to know about ret. Hope it helps and happy holidays :-)

p.s. is another good site, but some of the info (actually a lot) is out of date as of yesterday.
Also, you might wanna check for some more resources/links :-)
Very nice! Many thanks and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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