eye for an eye

I looked at the trees for the ret paladins that post here. They are all the same just about. Why did virtually noone take EFE? I have had some interesting times (I am fairly low level) when the mage died when he cast at me.
Its garbage for PvP and it gets picked by some in PvE as a filler since it does provide with some extra dps sometimes as stated in EJ.
its ok for pvp, warrior is pretty much the only class who doesnt proc it

Ret doesn't have difficulty with damage dealing , it has difficulty with mobility and survival, eye for an eye doesn't really address that

those who know
12/25/2010 3:42 PMPosted by Etonlor

That's complete rubbish.

You're level 82 and the game changes at 85. Prot can't kill anything. Ret can. Prot also gets kited way worse than Ret, Ret is unsnarable. It's true that Holy Power is tough for Ret but that's why in PVP, Mastery is a good stat. Ret is unkitable and has 3 long range attacks and 2 attacks that hit just beyond melee.

anyway, thread's about Eye for an Eye. It's an optional talent, but I would rather something like Improved HoJ for 2 points in PVP.

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