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UI and Macro
I have Quest CompleteList installed but it doesn't give me option to query server for completed quest, but does support this feature. So I figure I should manually query the server and found i can do it with
i figure it's a script command so i added
/run QueryQuestsCompleted()
It seems its a valid script but it doesn't look like it does anything. When information is retrieved from the server, it's supposed to trigger the QUEST_QUERY_COMPLETE event. But i waited to no avail.

Is there something i'm missing here?
I have the exact same problem. Every variation on QueryQuestsCompleted() gives me a type/help warning, except for the /run variation shown above... which leads to nothing.

I wrote the GMs for help, they said come here.

I don't want to run macros, though if someone could make one that works that would be great.

I don't know how to use addons and for something supposedly this simple I'd rather not find out.

Someone, please help me.

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