why again is mastery broken?

Whats the logic behind it, I've seen people mention its useless, but why is it useless?
Are you talking about ret, prot or holy?
There are a lot of threads on this.
Holy sorry
Holy's isn't that bad, it's just not that great. The shield it generates doesn't stack or roll, which is a major detraction from it being a decent stat.

Mastery in concept is as broken as the gems it gets it's names from. Just like Arp it's an amazing stat for some, and just bad for others.
If anyone tells you Holy Mastery is broken, they're lying. If anyone tells you holy mastery is awesome, they're lying also.

The fact is no one has actually bothered to finish mathing out how good or bad holy mastery is, because it's pretty freaking hard to do. This is made worse by the fact that World of Logs doesn't track mastery.

I have however, taken a first look at holy mastery here:

This however, only looks at heroic data, not raid data. My first look suggests that 50% of our total healing allows for mastery to proc. Of the shields that do proc, 60% of them will be used.

This is NOT however, a complete analysis. It doesn't consider raid environments, nor has it passed peer review amongst the community.
so.. then there isnt actually a conclusion on mastery, the jury is still out. so reforging out of mastery could be kicking ourselves in the butt a bit?
It could be. One problem with Mastery is, if the shield is not consumed, then it's worthless. (Then again, if we crit a heal on a target who doesn't need it, that's worthless too, so this is a pretty poor argument against using Mastery.) Another problem is, if the shield is not consumed, and you throw another heal on, the new shield amount is not added to the old shield amount. However, smaller shield amounts do not overwrite larger shield amounts, so it does at least benefit us in that way. In theory, you can Lay on Hands the tank after a battle, then use Holy Shock to keep the big shield rolling until it's needed.

Part of the problem with judging stats at his point, is the problem of stat decay. Once you hit 85, you need a ridiculous amount of any rating in order to make great gains in that stat. If we were able to stack 30% crit, 30% haste, or 30% mastery, for example, then we could do a complete analysis of each stat, and give a solid yea or nay for each one.

Another problem is that of talents. For example, sufficient crit to maintain 100% uptime on Conviction is desirable, but crit is otherwise a generally lackluster throughput stat (1% crit is 0.5% throughput.)

Yet another problem is the disparity between our secondary stats. Crit is a throughput stat, as is haste, but mastery acts somewhat as a throughput and mana conservation stat, while spirit is almost entirely a regen stat (Enlightened Judgements allows it to act as a throughput stat, indirectly.) It's obvious that one is most likely going to act as our "Best" throughput stat, but individual cases may make a pure regen stat like spirit a more desirable choice than any of the throughput stats. This problem has not been a serious consideration in the past.

Finally, there is the issue of gear consolidarity. The biggest problem we saw in WotLK was the wide variety of gear available. It was very rare to find two Holy paladins wearing the exact same gear, simply because we had so many pieces to choose from. At the current time in Cataclysm, there is a very limited gearset available. This is partially due to having a solid reason to stick with plate in almost every instance. At its core, I believe that Reforging is Blizzards attempt to tame gear inflation while not leaving the players screaming "OMG THERE'S NO GEAR ANYMORE."
I'll be honest, all of the math I've done has basically led me to one conclusion:

There is no wrong way to gem/reforge, provided you aren't stupid about it. Don't be stupid and start gemming non-healer stats. Don't be stupid and start reforging non-healer stats. But all of the healer stats (int, spirit, haste, crit, and mastery) are relatively balanced, provided you use them correctly.

In general, you're going to want more int, but is it worth sacrificing socket bonuses for? I haven't been able to prove or see proof conclusively one way or the other.

This assumes you're using your stats correctly. If you're stacking spirit, you can get away with more mana inefficiency in DL and FoL. If you're stacking haste, you can get away with lower HPS spells like HL. If you're stacking crit and mastery, you're going to be more balanced, but at the mercy of the RNG and will need to adjust your healing patterns on the fly as crits and damage (depends on if shields prevent dmg or not) come and go.

Again, don't be stupid about it.

Running zero spirit is stupid. (Hello OOM.)

Running zero haste is stupid. (2.2 second raid buffed casts is going to hurt you.)

Running zero crit is stupid. (Bye bye conviction. Bye bye IoL.)

Running zero mastery might not be stupid because we have 10% base shields.

If you have enough crit to keep conviction running, the throughput bonus of mastery and crit is pretty close. With this in mind, keeping them at a roughly 1:1 ratio will maximize average bonuses since they stack.

Your playstyle should be the #1 consideration on how you gem/reforge. Do YOU feel like you're going OOM? Yes, get more spirit. Do YOU feel like your casts are too slow? Yes, get more haste. No to both? start stacking crit and mastery at a roughly 1:1 ratio, but with crit being slightly larger.

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