Mailboxes in Gilneas, Worgen Starting Zone

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I suggest that there be more mailboxes put throughout the phases of Gilneas. Not only is it a little annoying only to be able to get your BoAs at a certain phase (but this first lack was not a big problem), but I really think it's a legitimate issue that you have to go for ~5 levels without having access to a mailbox. just plop them into the phased parts of the quest or something outside the pertinent return-to-this-quest-giver area.

I realize that it's not the biggest deal ever, but I do think it's an issue that's relatively significant enough to warrant a change, especially considering the ease of the solution and the glaring error in having such a lack of mailbox accessibility.

Sorry if there is another thread like this, but I did browse the first few pages and use the search function.
There is a mailbox in the middle of the square that you start in. How many mailboxes do you need in 15 minutes, it doesn't take long at all to hit level 5.
I have a level 12 worgen and i can not find a mailbox to send back my heirlooms, I am in Stormglen VIllage with the quest Last Meal and Slaves to No One. Does anyone know where i can find a mailbox? TY =]
Its not a good idea to bump a thread from DECEMBER last year, Amen. Please create a new one in future.
I did after this =P
i actually bugged out the last quest, and i can't take back the city. after so i tried relogging, but everything reset. i dont feel like going through it again, so i wanted a mailbox to mail my heirlooms to another toon, but can't find one, this is getting annoying
Please don't necro necroed threads
Please don't necro ANY threads

Fix'd. >^.~<

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