Bloodthirsty Gladiator Eyesore

Congratulations to the artwork development team for creating a relatively good looking set, although not the best, it is very nice. But the problem RET OR PROT pallys are faced with, is either choosing intellect over strength (getting the straight paladin off pieces) OR taking Pal/dk/warr Offset peices and looking ridiculous. Is it really that hard to make the armor match the set? Or to migrate the same dk/warr/pal stats onto a piece that actually matches the set.

I just find it frustrating that we have a incomplete looking set, after spending all the time grinding the complete set.
WOW I was just going to post the same thing...Im kinda amazed at the timing lol

I agree 100%, I just spent 30 minutes trying to understand why they dont have a belt or boot choice that matches the set for a Ret Pally.
It doesn't really bother me but for the amount of work it would require to make two pieces of gear match the paladin set I don't see why they don't do it. It would make a lot of belf male paladins happy, and I guess human paladins with the fabulous haircut too.
For those that haven't encountered this yet, Heres some average photo's.
Better than nothing i guess, cbf editing.

What it should look like

What it does...
My biggest point is, if i just spent A VERY LONG TIME, grinding A LOT of honor, why should i look incomplete while most classes have pretty full looking sets.
Unhappy Paladin here.

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