PVP: which classes are beatable for..

1) Ret Paladin

2) Protret/Pure prot

3) Holy

12/26/2010 11:41 AMPosted by Juicenewton
1. anything except ferals if you arent retarded

2. nothing prot is an awful spec

3. lol, hunters i guess?

1. PRIEST they are a cake, rogue,shamans arent hard, dont own them but beatable, warrior, dk.

Locks, frost Mages, Feral, Boomkin, any tanking spec, just unbeatable...

2. locks specially if afflic, demo can be a little hard, destro you will have to do some self healing but ok...

to be honest prot pvp is bull%*#! it probably has some use in arenas... but prot dmg is based more on aoe, we are right now best tanks, but for pvp dmg is way to low.

3. never played holy

This is about right. In addition, most rogues and kitties hate prot for good reason. Holy can drop hunters, priests, and ret pallies.

I'd say the number one spec you should be terrified of is the frost mage, no matter what spec you are. Five bucks sais the first five duel challenges you get in front of town are all casters, and half that will be frost mages. They actually line up to beat us. They'll beat you and call you bad. Paradoxically, we're the number one class mages complain about.

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