Need tanking advice

well, i am basically a cata baby......I started vanilla and only played for 5-6 months but had to quit when i was unemployed.....about 1-2 months ago i started up again with a fresh account ( old one was deleted for some reason) and am starting to level up a toon....Now i he is almost at 60 and i was wondering why i am always being called a "good tank that cant play his class".....I know i am playing my Pally wrong and was hoping for some advice

1. What rotation to vanilla i would spam some random skills and get by cata i spam AS, judge, hotr, holy wraith or w/e .......Would a 9696 rotation work good for tanking?....

2. What talents should i invest in? far i an thinking 0|31|10 But that is a pvp spec....i want a pure tank talent tree ( with main as prot )

3. Which seals to use and when.....i have got alot of differant opinions on which seals to use whilst tanking.....I liked soI for the mana regen but evidentally i do fine without it

4. which auras do i use and when?.....I have always stuck with the first aura - the defense one, but i sometimes like the ret aurqa for the "extra aggro" and tips?

5. should i set macros and keybinds? guild tells me i should but i have never used any i set.....what should i set them for? How would they help me?

6. How did you learn how to tank? .....I try to ask some of my friends ingame but everyone has their own opinion and they are often biased towards a retadin tank (wtf)

Anyways, thanks for the time and hopefully i can get better at tanking before i get tossed into cata instances and let everyone wipe :)

EDIT: Oh and don't worry about my gearz....already got that down
cool- ill check it
fyi good questions
I think that is a terrible guide. I mean, there is some good info there, but it is very disorganized. The author jumps from one subject to the next, often not even hinting he is now on a different subject. It is not formated in any form to be easily readable. Way too much is in Bold so you are not even sure what the relavent information is. And waaaaaay too many abbreviations. If you do not know what the author is talking about, you have to spend a lot of time time hunting around to find out what the abbreviation means. I guess if you have the time to wade through the much to find what you were searching for, then great. However, for an easy to read and understand guide, keep searching...I am.
And waaaaaay too many abbreviations.

hence the glossary at the start

it's the best guide. If you don't like it write a better one . . . and keep it up to date.
12/27/2010 1:37 PMPosted by Gidgite
And waaaaaay too many abbreviations.

hence the glossary at the start

it's the best guide. If you don't like it write a better one . . . and keep it up to date.

That Glossary doesn't even cover a tenth of the abbreviations he uses. You are correct though. It is easy to claim to be the best when you are the only one around. And I never said it was bad information. It is pretty good info, if you can decipher it.
list out all the missing ones, then post in the thread with the fixes


  • AotL - Arbiter of the Light

  • AS - Avenger's Shield

  • CS - Crusader Strike

  • DG - Divine Guardian

  • DS - Divine Sacrifice

  • GAK - Guardian of the Ancient Kings

  • GbtL - Guarded by the Light

  • HS - Holy Shield

  • HW - Holy Wrath

  • Inq - Inquisition

  • JotP - Judgments of the Pure

  • Salv - Hand of Salvation

  • ShoR - Shield of the Righteous

  • SoT - Seal of Truth

  • WoG - Word of Glory

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