So, the new Ret Mastery buff, opinions?

Change to the mastery and we get to keep Hand of Light. Extra holy damage on Templar's Verdict, Divine Storm, and Crusader Strike. DISCUSS!
ret does plenty of holy damage, about 50%

what ret needs is more physical damage not more holy damage
We aren't warriors, Gidgite.
ret pallies dont do 50% holy damage atm...

and why would a "holy knight" need more physical dps... that doesnt make sense.

i say fail troll is fail.

@ the OP -

The change to HoL will only be better than the current use of Divine Purpose if it does not revert to the original 8% that the mastery had. (previous to adding mastery points from gear)

If it procced off CS, DS, TV, Judgment, and Inquisition, with a 30% chance. I think it will help off set the lack of holy power we will generate without having our CS at a 3 sec cd.

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