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Well as dumb enough as i am, i spelled a word wrong in my guild name, and I was wondering can i change the name from The Ungreatful Dead to The Ungrateful Dead?
Nice typo lol.

But in seriousness you should put in a in game ticket if you haven't already and the GM may be able to assist you with making that change. Good luck to you.
You may put in a ticket in game requesting that change. They do allow a guild name change once in a while, and I think I remember reading somewhere that one is about it. An in game ticket should get you started.
I put one in, 12 hours ago and still no responce

In-Game response times are approximated as follows: Petitions Queue Duration: 2d: 15h: 0m
This is something that our Game Masters may be able to assist with, Jebbediah, but understand that it is a fairly rare exception - the type we may only be able to provide once.

As for the length of time it is taking, our queue times are a bit lengthy with the holidays and fairly new expansion. You can get a good estimate of roughly how long it might take by checking out our Twitter feed - we post estimated queue times twice daily. >^.^<

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