Rom'ogg Bonecrusher bug

Bug Report
# Rom'ogg Bonecrusher's Chains of Woe should no longer push players under the world.

Apparently the hotfix failed to solve the problem. My character is currently stuck under the surface of the game world and every time I attempt to log in and release I am immediately disconnected from the server.
Ditto, just happened to me twice in a row.
This is happening to my party repeatedly, we simply cannot get past Rom'ogg because when he casts Chains of Woe it pulls everyone through the floor and DC's us. Logging back in again just instantly DC's you again, unless you have your mouse over the spot where the accept rez button is and spam click on the loading screen so you click it before you get kicked.
I'm glad that I'm not the only one encountering this problem, but I'm also upset that I'm not the only one. I can't get back onto my pally for right now. Same deal as Vlod up there, it happened to me twice in a row. I DID manage to release the first time. I thought maybe it was an at-home error with my internet, and went on to continue about the instance. But, I ended up being forced down into the lava and got promptly disconnected again when Chains of Woe spawned and I haven't been able to log back onto my pally without immediately being disconnected since then.

I was able to get back onto my pally after being logged out of them long enough for the instance to automatically reset. I felt I ought to include that bit of info.
same thing happening to me
came back to wow tonight after a long hiatus.

log onto shaman quest whilst waiting on dungeon pop
enter dungeon first few mobs fine

chains of woe.


laying under floor dead when relog
cannot log in for some time insta disconnect
then says character already exists.

after ABOUT 15-20 mins can relog. this has occured twice in last hour
pc im using plays bf3 etc on ultra no hassles.
net connect works fine on all these games.
have troubleshot modem etc.

only discos in instance on chains of woe
Same here. There's nothing we can do since we can't avoid Chains of Woe.
Same here. Right before I disconnected I moved my mouse to the release spirit button and left it. So on next login when it pops up, I was able to click it fast and res. But this issue period is annoying and I hope it gets fixed soon!
Finally got out and requeued, only to get BRC again. /facepalm. 2 hours wasted so far on this, and my gear has degraded to 0%. OP posted in '10 so this looks like an old issue resurfacing.

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