Judging in instances as Holy

So I switched from tanking to healing and to my surprise it is super fun. I love it. I'm pugging my way up, which OFC means I have Bad PuG Stories. :D But mostly I wanted to ask:

I get a lot of people going 'wtf healer' when I judge insight, as if the GCD I spend doing it will somehow make me forget that my job is not to hit things, and I will be caught up in the joyous moment of wreaking havoc with my caster mace. I know that these people are retards, but I worry that if I don't explain myself I'll be kicked or something. Should I even bother?

My judgment is still at 10 yards or whatever so I guess I look like a retard jumping in to mobs to judge every 8 secs. And sometimes I stack HP from crusader strike when HS is on CD, because it is beautiful.

I'm 99% sure that I'm not breaking some unspoken rule of PuG healing by judging in instances, but I Could Be Wrong. I don't want to be That Guy.

Alternatively: Share with me your 'wtf healer' stories.
Those people are absolutely retarded, holy paladins have judged in instances since...well since a while, anyways, if not forever.

You judge with Insight for some very nice mana regen and you judge for spell haste. That's nothing new.

HOWEVER you need to get the talent to be able to judge from farther away, don't be 10 yards. Additionally, don't CS, that is indeed very stupid.
who cares? get kicked and wait 3 minutes for another queue to pop.
Judging for the 9% haste (Judgment of the Pure) is extremely helpful for healing. I have yet to come across any pug that complains about me judging a mob that is being attacked mostly because they probably understand my class and know it grants me a haste bonus.

If anyone tells you other wise, just link the talent. If they get angry at you, that's their loss and chance to to wipe (yes 9% does help that much, it's like 1000+ haste).
I do the same thing, so don't think that you're alone. My crit is incredible most of the time, and as I'm healing I'm pulling aggro off of mobs. In order to be able to keep up with the tank who is now suddenly taking more damage as he's trying to pull the mob back, I judge so that I heal myself for 3-4k, which in turn also heals the tank with Beacon of Light.

Now, I know that if I were in the same room as the people that I'm running dungeons with, and they saw me do that, they would turn around and give me some strange looks. But they don't understand--we've gotta do, what we've gotta do, to make sure that we're the best damn heals they've ever had.
I'll take it even further. Not only do I judge every possible cooldown for the mana, I also get in as many possible melee hits as well. If you don't then you are only hurting yourself. The Paladin is without a doubt THE frontline melee healer of WoW. Look at the changes for Cata and you will realize they have taken idea from the Warrior Priest from WAR.

Take a moment to look at your skillset. Untalented our judgement is 10 yds, our melee hits proc a heal and mana return. We have an AoE hot which does it's maximum healing within 8 yds of the Paladin, and we have a frontal cone heal with 30 yards of range. We have about 2 almost mandatory talents in Holy which make sure we are constantly receiving heals without having to waste mana or GCDs on ourselves. Also Crusader Strike can be very much worth the mana for HP on heavy aoe fights. Melee, melee, melee range!

I heal from the frontlines with the melee, preferrably positioned where a rogue would traditionally be. What this does is maximizes ALL of my heals AND my mana regen. This allows me to miss heavy aoe dmg and when I use Light of Dawn this ensure I can position all melee immediately in front of my cone and catch the backlines casters with the wider part of the cone. I never have had to heal myself directly due to the steady stream of incoming heals from talents. We are made for this!

Any Holy Paladin standing in the back is without a doubt greatly reducing their mana regen, and impact of both aoe heals. Don't be scared to get in there with the melee, I assure you that you will NOT take big dmg and your talents will keep you topped off.

For what it's worth I have played Holy Paladin for the majority of 6 years over 2 characters and have been there in every single makeover the class has received. I'm having alot of fun with this current Holy Paladin and welcome the change this time around.
OP: I would be VERY mindful of exactly where my judges are landing. It's very easy to tab judge without watching what I'm attacking, since we don't really care about the damage. If you're consistently hitting sapped or polymorphed targets, that would definately cause the reaction you described.

Poster above me: I think that your strat works, but it requires a greater knowledge base and skill level. If you don't know what bosses cleave and what mobs aoe, closing to melee is a bad idea. On average, melee dps take more damage than range, even when they aren't peeling aggro. If you ever have to pull out and heal yourself, you lose the bit of mana you saved. It's risky. I wouldn't recommend it for your average healer.

I think proponents of crusader strike and those against are both right. Crusader strike for word of glory probably isn't very efficient. Crusader strike for light of dawn can be. There is definitely a magic number that represents how many people you need to heal with light of dawn in order to make crusader striking for hp viable. We need to figure it out.

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