Post-Cata Tanking - Help!

The last time I played was before Cata. I logged in thinking "Well, things couldn't have changed THAT much for tanks, 9696 right? Got it!" Yeah I was way wrong. I wasn't even close to ICC level gear, but I was on my way. I was still doing Wrath heroics. I logged in and Dalaran is completely empty and I am lost, I added my talent points in and tried tanking and it was an epic fail. Where should I go to start quests again, and get back to the basics and basically re-learn how to tank, because WOW, it seems so foreign to me now. :(
A great place to start for general information would be Xayton's Tanking thread:

Besides that, at level 80, you can either start Mount Hyjal or Vashj'ir. They both offer roughly equivalent progression in terms of level gain and gear, however they each provide you access to 2 different level 80 instances as well as different factions to build rep with. I suppose it just depends on if you want to quest underwater or in the mountains. :)
Head to Orgrimmar. There will be "Go To ___" quests there.

Fixed. ;)

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