Holy Rotation?

Everybody knows that healing now is not quite the same as it used to be. In Wrath, it wasn't that important for the healer to know the fights. Just heal heal heal, cleanse, recast Beacon, heal heal heal. Now, there needs to be a strategy, and for the first time ever, I feel a Holy rotation is necessary. So I tested something out.

One thing that I never did with Wrath, was have Word of Glory set as a key for my Healbot. Holy Power was completely pointless as a healer in Wrath, but now--OMG, I love it and I thank the Blizzard gods for it everyday. When I first started healing throughout my Cataclysm leveling, I would run out of mana after every mob, because I was stuck in my Lich King ways. FoL...FoL...FoL...etc. But now, I actually have to think about how I'm going to go about healing for each mob, which excites me a little... won't lie.

I tried something out when I was running Grim Batol the other day (regular, heroics scare me at the moment lol). My group consisted of a Warrior tank, Warrior (Arms) DPS, Warlock and a Rogue. Just like a good Holy Pally, I make sure that the tank has Beacon cast on him at ALL times, so he was all taken care of. But one thing that I found interesting, was that after each fight the Warlock would use (I think this is what it's called), Life Tap, to generate health into mana. I'd Holy shock the Warlock (it'll crit more likely than not, and she'll be a 97-99% health), and bam! I have holy power waiting for me to use.

Once the fight would start, I would keep every one right around 97% with Holy Light, but once my Holy Shock was off cooldown, I would cross my fingers, cast it, and not only would a second holy power be ready, but Daybreak would pop, and I'd use HS again (which in turn would generate my third HP), and then wait to consume my HP for my next heal (which I would use Word of Glory).

My main heals now are Holy Light, Holy Shock and Word of Glory, and I never get below 76% mana. However, there are some runs where the tank just doesn't care about the healer's mana and will just run through without a care in the world *cough*DK*cough*. There have been times even after I've figured out my rotation that I have run out of mana because the tank wasn't geared properly, or a DPS decided to try and take on a single target alone--whatever the case may be. I've found that it's important to use the spells that were once deemed pointless, to regenerate our mana pool.

I'm a Blood Elf, and Blood Elves have a racial ability that silences enemies within a certain radius (I'm forgetting what it's called at the moment). I use that all the time in a pinch. Why? Because it regenerates 6% of my mana. Not 6% of my base mana, but a flat 6%. Then I pop That's enough to get my rotation back up so that I can Light of Dawn the group to get them all up a bit, and then cast my Guardian of the Ancient Kings, Healing hands, and just go on a healing frenzy. You've gotta do what you've gotta do, and FINALLY!! Blizzard gave Pallies something to show off.

Divine Plea is something to take advantage of too. It'll restore 10% of your total mana, but your heals will be half of what they could be for 15 seconds. Glyph, and it'll restore an additional 5%. Whenever you cast Divine Plea, try and cast Divine Favor with it as well. Divine favor increases spell haste by 20% (so your pathetic heals are 20% faster), and it also increases crit by 20%. Basically, the way I see it it, is by casting Divine Plea, and then Divine Favor, you're evening them out---they're meant to balance each other

I figured that I would share my new rotation with anyone that's trying to figure out what healing rotation is best for them. My only advice, is to use Holy Power AS MUCH as possible. With pretty much 50/50 green/blue Cata gear, my Word of Glory can crit for 27k *on occasion*. A 27k heal that cost you zero mana--you can't pass that up.

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