Is it easier for a fresh 85 to heal or tank?

A fresh 85 starting to do instances in quest gear (blues/greens).

Easier to tank or heal right now?

Or about the same?
Much easier to tank in my opinion. Or at least that's what I've experienced on my paladin, and druid tank. The healing model for cata was MASSIVELY changed from basically hps being important to mana efficiency being the make or break. I can't tell you how often I go oom when people don't know the fights and take too much damage. But then again, if your with a good group, that knows what they are doing.. Healing couldn't be simpler.

However, as cata is still very new right now.. Finding a good group is very difficult.
Tanking is quite possibly the easiest spec in Cata. Healer would be the hardest by far.

If you dont believe me, play as both in heroics and see which one makes you sit closer to the edge of your seat.
my friend did tanking no problem in the new regulars in dps gear. Why? Because if you CC, the tank isn't even needed most times.
Tanking is much easier than healing at the moment. I'm occasionally having trouble keeping up against better geared dks for threat, but otherwise she's fine. The other thing is you need to let go a little. Tanks are used to controlling the fights, but it isn't so easy any more. In addition to needing to use CC, trash mobs are using a lot more aoe abilities, and many mobs are just plain ignoring the aggro table. Tanks aren't there to control the fight any more -- they're there as a buffer against imminent disaster. ;)

As to tanking in dps gear... it's very viable. Perhaps not full dps gear, but at least some. I mean, tanks need hit and expertise, right? So if that plate chest has Hit+Mastery on it, it's just as useful to a tank as to a plate dps character. Just don't go overboard. You really need avoidance stats in order to make your healer happy.

I also recommend investing in a spec that focuses on self-healing. I use WoG as my hp dump every time. I mean, what would you prefer, a little more threat (and let's face it, if you've invested in Hit and Expertise, threat isn't a huge problem) or improved survivability? Having been in the new dungeons, I choose the latter.
tanking ive found to be easiest. And i thought i was the only one using WoG lol.. i use it all the time on me dps or heal's.. Just helps out it crit heals me for 35k. Saves the healer, and makes run smoother. Also rem to use cooldowns.
Healing imo. Then again tanking isn't my preferrence.

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