How to Holy Pvp?

So i was wondering how to holy pvp. i tried dueling every class and i get wrecked everytimee. idk which heals to throww up and i can never bring there hp past halfway. i also want to know how to arena?
dueling as holy =/= arena ?!?!?
in arenas, you hardly output any damage, the only offensive abilities you might use are exorcism if your talented, and HoJ.
go try battlegrounds and try healing, that should get you a bit of pvp healing experience.

The best way to learn is to just go try, get some partners and just have fun arenaing and learning how to keep someone up.
Thanks Man il try!
If you're dueling, mobility is your friend. Against melee, you want to dance around just outside of melee range while you're shocking, using instant exorcisms, and holy wrath.

Holy radiance can help here for passive heals and the speed increase. Use your holy power to word of glory if you need health or inquisition if you don't. When your heal talents proc, cast a .8 second divine light if you need health, otherwise, try not to stand still to cast, you're opening yourself up to interrupts and heavy dmg.

The fight will probably take awhile. If you think he has a trinket, use hammer of justice early to get him to use it, and start watching your cooldown. The first time you get hammer of justice to stick, you want him around half health and you want to have full holy power. Pop all cooldowns, avenging wrath, divine favor, inquisition, and any spellpower trinkets. -Nuke-

You shouldn't ever kill a rogue, since they can always cc you and make an exit, they but it happens on occasion.

Against a hunter, grind him down to half, balance nuking and healing, then pop cds and nuke.

Against a priest, cleanse everything he puts on you, get him down and nuke- remember he's gonna scatter if he's shadow. If he manages to mana burn you, thanks to judgment, he may not be able to finish you, but you're not going to be able kill him.

Against shammans, find a tree and play pop shock until he's sick of losing casts and closes on you- then stun, nuke and pray.

Mages, locks, judge him so he's in combat, pop your speed boots and aim for your spawn.
If you beat either of these it's their own fault.

That's my experience since 85 anyway. hope that helps
Yea, I was wondering about some of the talents in the Holy tree, is Shockadin a viable PvP spec again?

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