Is it even worth it main tank and off healer?

I just made this guy with the mind of going main spec tank and off spec healer but seeing as this goes I'm thinking of staying tank and save my money for the offspec (lol<3) but I want to hear from you guys what you think...=)
Just play the game and dont post on forums.
dual spec is so cheap now there is really no reason not to. And choosing the two most needed roles in the game will always provide you with a raid spot so long as you do not suck.
Hmm.. let's see... is 10g really that hard to get for you? ^^
Hehehehe, thanks for the responses...No, 10g is not so much for me, I was just being "cheap" on the post, but thanks for convincing me get my dual spec as for people being mean on their posts, I'm sorry for making such a stupid threat :P

Edit: How do I do with getting healing equipment at high end? When some plate healing equipment drops I just need it if nobody else needs it or there's no pally in the group and tell them it's for my offspec? Sorry, I just don't want to be called a bad tank for needing on plate healers gear.

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