Mastery Query

Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me,
But why does our master have such a poor design?

Our dps system is basically so random, I have had fights where in icc where
I had pulled 9-10k with Ret and other bosses my dps would be alot less.

I know some other classes/specs like marksman tards, arms warriors and combat rogues
Have a chance based mastery, but their dps won't fluctuate
As much as the Ret pally. Why did the dev team pull off such a poor
and in my opinion flawed design?
Mastery is the one thing that Blizzard has commented on publicly regarding Retribution. They are aware that it is not giving us much (or any. lol) of a dps benefit and they are "reviewing" it.

That being said, just try and gear away from it as much as possible. You get a much better benefit out of crit and especially haste for PvE.
12/27/2010 6:21 AMPosted by Moradim
its fun, but doesnt work in practice. as a blue post stated, mastery doesnt benefit unholy death knights and retribution paladins too much, as it doesnt translate to a notable increase in damage.

also, TV deals a low amount of damage for the amount of buildup it requires. Obliterates on my dk's frost spec deal 264% weapon damage + 3k or so, with 12% more damage for each disease on the target: I can hit 3 back to back fairly quickly. TV = 235% weapon damage.

Considering the amount of buildup required, TV should be hitting for a LOT more. I hope they revert the 4.0.3a nerfs to CS and TV, inquisition has absolutely no influence on them as they are both physical attacks.

If TV dealt a portion of its damage as holy damage, it would help things out a bit. As it stands, inquisition benefits exorcism most: seal/censure damage is still weak. I'm hoping ret gets some much deserved attention soon.

Not saying that your argument is wrong or anything but....

anyone that doesn't think that obliterate is going to be nerfed is an idiot. I'm not sure that its the best move to be comparing TV with.
12/27/2010 6:32 AMPosted by Moradim
assuming bad luck with divine purpose procs for hp, we're looking at 12 seconds or so to get 3 holy power. Even longer if you are maintaining/need to get inquisition up. Potentially, 24 seconds if you spend 3 holy power for a 30s inquisition.

TV should make azeroth explode for that much buildup. It should be THE best 2h melee strike. Otherwise, let judgement and other abilities grant guaranteed HP if its going to be subpar.

Allowing at least a portion of TV's damage to be holy damage would help a lot with what you're saying which I agree with btw.

The problem with TV especially in PVP is that its damage is purely physical. This means it gains no benefit whatsoever from Inquisition (which according to the devs our damage output is designed around) and further it makes it so that our most consistent form of damage in PvP is entirely mitigated by armor.

Every other melee dps in pvp has a way around or through armor. Bleeds, Poisons, Collosus Smash, or substantial Frost Damage. Our biggest contributors in PvP (Crusader Strike and Templar's Verdict) are entirely mitigated by plate and that's a problem because that means we need to rely on wings or art of war procs to do any kind of meaningful damage to armored foes.

This also means that we can't just straight buff TVs weapon damage coefficient. It might help a lot with taking down bears and holy paladins but would make us take out 60% of a clothies health in a single hit (I know lolarcanemages do that already) Pure physical damage has this problem of being overpowered against cloth and pathetic on plate. Changing it so that its damage is not purely physical would cure a lot of headaches.
I find it funny that ret paladins have only 2 abilities than can control. Judgement and CS/DS.

Inb4 lolwings and hammer of wrath.

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