You ruined the Holy Spec!

I was able to heal icc and not have to use trinkets and pots, and now I can't heal a mob in a normal dungean without running out of mana. You give NO armor when leveling to 85 that gives you any significant amount of SPIRIT, which we atcually NEED. So now im stuck and can't get Justice Points for better gear I find this moronic, and no i don't have an off spec... Stuck again, thanks!
There's a lot of armor that has spirit.

You can also reforge many pieces to have spirit as well.
All the quested healing plate had Spiriton it, havnt been in to many dungeons as my connection isnt to stable at the moment. But the gear is there, and Holy palys still heal fine, better than most in fact from what i can tell.
Well the Spirit was the lowest stat I was getting from quests items and dungeons. It also doesnt help to have huge mana coasts.
Then you've been looking at the wrong gear.

Wowhead shows:

160 pieces of plate higher than level 300 with just Intellect

103 pieces of plate higher than 300 with Intellect and Spirit.

The majority of caster plate has spirit. And I'd wager a fair amount of those pieces with Int but not Spirit are PvP gear with resilience instead of spirit.
In all honesty Wantkings I would take a look at your current spec. as I am pretty sure a 41/0/0 spec is not the optimal healing spec. I can not tell you what it is as I dont know but maybe someone on here can help you with the right spec. Just glancing over some of the talents you picked in holy are more for questing and pvp than healing. Would someone be so kind as to post a healing spec for him? thankyou in advance for showing the way of the light to the OP.
You can take a look at my holy spec for an idea Wantkings.
Your spec is less than optimal, and you are missing a couple glyphs.

The Stormforged set crafted by a blacksmith is a great start, and doesn't cost very much to make.

Mana should not be an issue, except on really bad pulls of multiple groups (talking about regs, here.) Use Judgement on cooldown to get mana back, use Holy Shock and Word of Glory whenever possible, and use Infusion of Light procs for speedy casts of Divine Light preferably on the Beacon target to build up holy power. I very rarely use Flash of Light.

I succeed at Holy pally healing where I could not with my priest. If you can't heal with a pally, you can't heal with anything.
Ummm eat spirit food, use a spirit flask, reforge for spirit (reduce some of that haste until your regen is higher). Use cooldowns. You have alot of options!
And this is why I'm glad heroics are as difficult to heal as they are.
41/0/0 is an epic build.

I think you'll see better results as you gear up - there are some excellent rep rewards available from Honored up. I see that you're Honored with Hyjal, so you can pick up the Cloak of the Dryads right now. If you'll head to Deepholm, the questline for Therazane is actually rather fun, in my opinion, and you should be able to hit Revered by the time you're done, no dailies or dungeon-running involved. That will net you a Diamant's Ring of Temperance and an Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone. In the meantime, you'll also be at Honored with the Earthen Ring, which provides a Pendant of Elemental Balance.

Of course, continued reputation grinds through dailies and dungeon running will net more rewards, those are just the ones I've found so far myself. Don't be afraid to trade in those last couple of Wrath purples for Cata stuff - it really is that much better, even than your Talisman of Resurgence.

Edit: Neglected to mention, you'll see quite a bit of benefit out of putting three points in Crusade and picking up a Glyph of Seal of Insight.
Hm, 3/10.

Judgment off CD as long as you don't need the global cool down to heal. As for no spirit gear on questing gear, I was healing heroics with mainly questing gear.
With Seal of Insight and casting Judgement every time it is up, plus the 'no mana required' Word of Glory and Light of Dawn heals... you really shouldnt have too many problems unless no one is CCing anything and the tank is pulling a full group.
I built my holy set through quest rewards until I could dungeon. Then I started snagging pieces here and there. Now I rarely tank.

I see no problem. 0 . o
Eh, I've haven't had much issues with my mana in regs yet. I'm constantly judging and if I feel safe enough I'll actually get in the melee and attack to help keep my mana high. I constantly use Holy Shock and use Holy Light when possible to proc Daybreak. You can HoP players that take to much damage or HoS a player that's eatting alot of damage. If thesomeone is taking fast damage I'll use FoL, Holy Shock and WoG. To me the trick is to get as many free or low cost spells out there while using FoL and DL as last resort spells.

Pop your wings if a fight takes a nasty turn and don't forget about Holy Radience.
This troll got quite a few bites.
12/27/2010 6:34 AMPosted by Wantkings
I can't heal a mob in a normal dungean without running out of mana.

Then you sir, are doing it wrong.

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