question regarding healing please advise

I'm having the hardest time healing in heroics. I don't know how to get better. I need some advise when it comes to healing heroics. I'm not in the best gear and some of them aren't even plate but they are the best I have for healing. I stacked Int and Crit after talking to some people. I'm not really ooming much anymore but I'm still wiping in pugs. Any tips will be appreciated.
int > spirit ~= haste > crit ~=mastery

you should focus your reforging more on haste and spirit.

haste gives you more control and spirit gives you more room to use inefficient heals.
It may be less a problem with gear and more a problem with style.

If you try to keep everyone at 100%, you're going to go OOM. Period.

You need to realize that even if a DPS is lingering at 50-60%, he's not going to die in the span of a global or two unless he does something dumb and stands in the fire: it's okay to ignore him if someone is in imminent danger of dying (the tank, for instance).

I know this is going to sound cheap and recycled, but match your heals to incoming damage. If the tank is at 10%, don't even bother with Holy Light. Flash of Light him because he's in a danger zone and FoL is your quick-cast. You could also use Divine Light if Infusion is up. Holy Light is like a healing auto-attack, to quote Ghostcrawler (ugh). You don't use it when there's something crazy going on; you use it when nothing else is happening.

Likewise, if someone is just tanking steady, but really non-punishing damage, just HL them.

Also, make sure you're wearing all plate no-matter what. Armor specialization is boss.
Ok, did a quick check, I see the effort with reforging and gemming, nice to see people try, and then seek help.

1. You need to get into all plate asap, the +5% int is sooo huge.
2. Make sure you dont reforge away too much haste, you want to be around 8% unbuffed
3. you are still missing some/have some wrong enchants
- add a belt buckle, throw +40int gem in it
- change your weapon enchant to Heartsong
4. there is a ilvl 325 trinket from quests in Twilight.. its the one im wearing, which should replace one of the two you have and would be easy to obtain/swap
5. Reforge both rings to add spirit
6. if you can, change your shield to the JP 346 one, its cheap and a big step up. dont forget the +25 int enchant if you do. (or go with the branch stick thing, and add the +100 int enchant, i like a shield, ill take the stat loss for the look on that)
7. you might think about dropping the 2 talent points from Improved Judgements and putting them in the cleanse one and aura mastery
8. on your glyphs, i would drop Divine Favor and put in Holy Shock, and drop Beacon and add Holy Wrath (which is amazing in heroics as every other mob is undead, a dragon or an elemental) which means you stun them all every 10sec, meaning less incoming dmg.
9. Remember to eat spirit food!
10. Also, Judge Judge Judge, if you dont Judge and HS every time you can, you are shooting yourself in the foot from the get-go.

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