Anyone else just "not feeling it" this time?

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I was super pumped for BC when it came out and fairly excited for Wotlk, but for some reason this time around, I really just can't get into it. Not that I hate WoW or anything, but this expansion, I just really don;t care about leveling/grinding endgame/gearing anymore.

Maybe I am finally just tired of the game after 5 years, ready for something new. For some reason this expansion just isn't interesting to me. I have yet to sit down and play for more than an hour before getting bored and logging off.

I guess heres to hoping FFXIV finally gets it right with the PS3 release. I loved FFXI and played it for about 5 years and was really looking forward to FFXIV, but so far that has been a complete joke of a game.
Been feeling the same way...Seems like there's something MISSING from WoW ATM.
I def do not have the same sense of commitment to the game as i did in bc. dont get me wrong the expack is great but im having a harder time getting into it. Personally i just think im over it all together.
THRILLED with Cata. I did /rude right before I left Dala. If I wasn't after King Krush, I would NEVER go back. Eff you Wrath. Worst thing to happen to Wow. (BC was still the bestest.)
I am liking Cata more than Wrath. But I get what you're saying. Kinda feels like the idea well is drying up.
Tired of the god-awful, obnoxiously immature community.
Very much so. My problems so far (though I'm still enjoying the game enough to play) mostly revolve around the following -

  • They've done away with quest hubs for the most part. You now only have a couple quests in your log at a time and entire zones move forward this way. You can't skip quests you don't like without skipping the rest of the zone. It feels very much like an old school dungeon runner game with chat. I just don't see myself wanting to level multiple alts since the leveling experience will identical for each one.
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  • I'm still having problems with phasing. Things pop in and out of phase. I've been attacked many times by mobs out of phase - and I can't attack back. Now I'm learning even some gathering is borked because the nodes go in and out of phase too. That is really, really frustrating.

  • Like I said, I'm still having fun but this expansion just missed the mark for me content wise.

    Ennui. It's normal. It means you need to do something else for a while.
    I think the issue is that its all too familiar. blackwing descent and BRC look too much like the old blackrock content, and i swear that the bastion of twilight stole the floors from ICC...
    I am too, it's weird I would be watching the Cataclysm beta videos thinking "Damn this is going to be awesome", now it's here and I'm just like "Meh"
    It kind of feels like it's running out of gas, really. Like they were scrounging around for story and content and so on. Stretched. A bit tired.

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