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I would like to urge everyone who believes as I do, that the Heroic (read as Hard Mode) dungeons in Cataclysm should be nerfed, to join me in cancelling our accounts.

The step from regular to heroic is nonsensical. If you are not one of the lead systems designer's over-powered pet classes it is unlikely that you will be able to generate enough DPS to survive a heroic boss encounter.

Of course better gear will help; but, it is only obtainable in the heroic encounters or as PVP rewards. In a couple of months, perhaps crafted epic gear will be widely available. The new hard mode heroics will still require you to stand in front of beams or avoid tornadoes or other similar nonsense. Absolute folderol if you happen to be a caster. ("You want my Moonkin to do what?!?")

Perhaps if enough of us cancel, the VP of Finances will be able to put an end to the wrong-headed mindset and persuade the lead systems designers that their "cruel and unusual" dungeons be revamped.

Maybe many of the systems designers could be made to tank and heal the heroic dungeons on various servers to eliminate the almost 1 hour long queues!

Wishful thinking? Join our little financial revolution and let's see!
how bout you leave...
Op if you feel that strongly about it then just do myself and everyone else who is tired of this subject a favor and quit the game.


Not everyone wants facerolling that happened in Wrath
Already did OP, already did.
Your stuff, can I have it
Please do quit, all of you who are complaining about Heroics, so we don't have to group with you anymore. I much prefer grouping with people who actually realize that Heroics are supposed to be challenging, especially at this stage in the game, and put in the appropriate amount of effort.
12/27/2010 11:43 PMPosted by Rawrbert
I would like to urge everyone who believes as I do, that the Heroic (read as Hard Mode) dungeons in Cataclysm should be nerfed, to join me in cancelling our accounts.

As someone who plans to stay, I MUST support this.
The step from Normal to Heroic doesn't even seem like a step more than a slightly elevated slope. When I started healing my first heroic, Grim Batol, it was easily comparable to normal. Other than the awareness of the two ranged in my group at the time and their subpar DPS, it was a good run, almost problem-free.

Sorry, but I'm staying, and I'm going to enjoy the expansion.
As a casual with slim chance I'll ever even do heroics, at least unitil my brothers guild has them on farm status. I say cry more, and PLEASE do cancel. You wrath spoiled babies, made WotLK so easy and BORING, that it made even soloists, and casuals bored to death.

Heroics are suppose to be "hard" In B4 "challenging" means it's a job.
We should never have been able to go straight to heroics the second we dinged, and get a GS of 6k in a week and a half like was possible in LK.

It's been like 3 weeks, soon when the SMART players have all gotten their appropriate level of gearand learned the heroics, it will be as it should be. If you need that stuff given to you this early, WOW is not the game for you.
I see what you did OP.

I encourage anyone who agrees with him to follow his directions.

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