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12/28/2010 12:13 AMPosted by Khaine
It all boils down to subscription numbers. This month numbers are up due to the new expansion release. In three months time though the numbers may shift and Blizzard will be stuck in a bad spot. If they nerf the dungeons some people will cry foul. If they don't and the numbers have dropped the shareholders are going to demand resignations at the end of the first quarter.

I'm pretty sure Vivendi is giving Blizzard the benefit of the doubt on this one. For that matter, I think they've already most likely factored for the possibility of subscriber numbers wobbling a bit, it happens every expansion.

Having said that... seriously, it's been a few weeks; you're not going to be back to where you were at the end of the last expansion. It could take months to get to that point. IMO everyone needs a chill pill.
I love how heroics were originally introduced to give challanging content to casual players who didn't have the time to invest in raiding. They also helped to gear up raiders for the content they wanted to face.

Now the scub players (notice i didn't say casuals) want the heroics nerfed so that they can have epic lootz too.

Here's the thing: if you're not going to be pushing your limits as a player and raiding, you don't need the gear from heroics, and you have already experienced the content on normals. There is no legitimate reason to nerf heroics. Especially this early in the game. Stop thinking you are entitled to everything in the game without working for it because you pay $15. That is not how the world works, and that is not how this game works.
12/28/2010 12:14 AMPosted by Bjoron
Stop feeding the troll.

So anyone that posts a thought or an idea that is different from one that you *might* have is a troll?

Hahaha, you're a troll right?'re serious? ummm.... there's a very simple solution, learn to play, these heroics are not hard.
Think of normal and heroic dungones as stepping stones in to raiding.

First you have normal dungeons: teaches you baby steps but can still show your back side if you dont know how to play. Normals will get you the gear you need to get in to the next tier of the class
second we have heroics this will help you learn advance skills of your class and how to follow orders and learn strats for the dungeon you are in.

Third is raiding: If you get to end game I wont say you are a champion a true hero to your race BUT atleast you should have some knowledge of your class and the mechanics that are required to raid.
12/28/2010 12:14 AMPosted by Castbar

Why would you need to do heroics if you're not going to raid?

By this logic why even have installed wrath if you weren't planning on killing 25 man heroic lich king?
YET ANOTHER example of how poor WOW forum goers are at analogies.
Blizzard aint no video game diety. They're making a game here.
And they gave us the options of

Easy Mode:
Casual, dungeons, achievements

Normal Mode:
Heroic Dungeons
Raid Content

Hard Mode:
Heroic Raid Content

When you buy a game, and you are not satisfied you don't just return it for full price.
Blizzard is the same with WoW. They made the game, gave the player base plenty of choices, and if these choices are not what you wish for. Quit the game. Theres that option too.
12/28/2010 12:15 AMPosted by Thugishgnome
the majority of your player base disagrees

Really, they do? Have you personally collected the opinions of 6,000,001 people playing this game?

In all seriousness, you do NOT speak for the majority (It's okay, neither do I), nobody posting on the forums speaks for the majority, in fact the majority do not even use the forums.
12/27/2010 11:43 PMPosted by Rawrbert
I would like to urge everyone who believes as I do, that the Heroic (read as Hard Mode) dungeons in Cataclysm should be nerfed, to join me in cancelling our accounts.

The step from regular to heroic is nonsensical. If you are not one of the lead systems designer's over-powered pet classes it is unlikely that you will be able to generate enough DPS to survive a heroic boss encounter.

Of course better gear will help; but, it is only obtainable in the heroic encounters or as PVP rewards. In a couple of months, perhaps crafted epic gear will be widely available. The new hard mode heroics will still require you to stand in front of beams or avoid tornadoes or other similar nonsense. Absolute folderol if you happen to be a caster. ("You want my Moonkin to do what?!?")

Perhaps if enough of us cancel, the VP of Finances will be able to put an end to the wrong-headed mindset and persuade the lead systems designers that their "cruel and unusual" dungeons be revamped.

Maybe many of the systems designers could be made to tank and heal the heroic dungeons on various servers to eliminate the almost 1 hour long queues!

Wishful thinking? Join our little financial revolution and let's see!

In other words, you are a wrath kiddie who is crying because you're so used to everything being handed to you.
Really it comes down to the fact that if you had friends, or a guild that would like you in their party, then you wouldn't need to do random Qing. So, how about you just be pleasant enough that you can get 4 other people on your sever to do and learn heroics with you.
12/28/2010 12:16 AMPosted by Kreyain
As new tiers of gear are released and new raids open up, Heroics will naturally become easier, but that provides little good reason for trivializing them now. This is true even if some groups -- particularly pick-up groups -- lack the patience, will, or teamwork necessary to succeed.
Yeah, but you seem to be missing the point. For example, us death knights shouldn't be forced to tank simply because we have no CC. I shouldn't have to wait in a 1h DPS queue just to get instantly kicked because of my class. No heroics = no gear. No gear = no raids.

Please. Lots of us remember a day when there was no queue, because there was no LFD, there was no LFR. We still got gear. It took time. Clearly the solution to long queue times is to group with people you know and like, you should do that instead. Cata has made it that much harder to go it alone without a guild; you should embrace the change instead of fighting it.
12/28/2010 12:20 AMPosted by Castbar
Should Heroic dungeons be tuned down so failure is rarely a real possibility?

No, I actually would understand blizzards mentality if that is what we were asking for. 20% easier would probably be perfect as then people would still fail on mechanics of fights at time and rng, but they might get some done that day. Or even perhaps the group will not get so pissed at a person they kick after investing hours in a dungeon.

Is that your main? If it is, please realize that the 329 ilvl requirement is not a recommendation. It is intended to be a bare minimum, a message to the player that they ought to prepare first, and if you're bypassing that with PvP gear or through other means, then you should not be surprised when your character is not actually capable yet.
12/28/2010 12:18 AMPosted by Zarhym
You might have to spend more time in normal dungeons than you did before if you want a very relaxing dungeon experience right now,

Why only provide 3 level 85 normal dungeons? If your design philosophy for non-raid oriented players to have content, why only give them 3 normal dungeons to experience?
12/28/2010 12:19 AMPosted by Rawrbert
So anyone that posts a thought or an idea that is different from one that you *might* have is a troll?

We have you pegged as a troll because you refuse to grace Zahrym's response with your reasoning. That line about "pretend you worked for a company that cares about the playerbase" convinced me that you were not actually attempting to get anything fixed.

Anyone that was actually looking towards easier/better gameplay would jump at the chance to interact with a Blizzard rep.
12/28/2010 12:19 AMPosted by Rawrbert
Stop feeding the troll.

So anyone that posts a thought or an idea that is different from one that you *might* have is a troll?

Your saying that the transition from norm to heroics is bad, when all it takes is people to have coordination. Now I havn't had a lot of time to play, but I have a friend who has been playing, who started in wrath, has had no problems adjusting to the change in difficulty and is fast approaching raids. All it takes is CC, patience and coordination.

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