Dungeon queue should be performance-based

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- Item level doesn't take into account player skill.
I'm sure people have seen dps do under 5k at 85, while also seeing skilled players do over 5k at 80.

while i havent played heroics yet i know for a fact that - in normal instances - as a melee dps there are tons of times you have to run out and stand there doing squat, its that or stay in and die and do less, that hurts certain classes dps.

as for lvl 80's doing 5k+, thats a walk in the park, my druid in greens was doing over 7k at 80. Stats on gear (cata greens lvl 78-80) compared to lvl 80 content is so horribly unbalanced into the OP degree
12/28/2010 1:01 AMPosted by Kimarla
There should be an IQ test before you're allowed to breed, too. Doesn't mean it's ever gonna happen.
What about for the noobs who don't know what CC or CD or AoE is etc...
I like the idea, would be really nice to be able to learn how to righteously play each of my toons. Good idea imo!
I like the idea but having them die because their skill/gear level wasn't high enough just seems to add insult to injury.

Training on target dummies shouldn't involve the risk of dying, just have them fail the quest and try again instead of slapping on a repair bill and corpse run.
Tanking requires alot more than facerolling aggro. you should have limited space to get aggro without breaking CC while kiting the boss and picking up adds. must generate x amount of threat per second and be able to withstand X amount of dmg while an npc heals you X amount per second
To anyone who finds this proposed test too stringent: Maybe we could have a queue caste system, where you only get grouped with people who have failed or succeeded at the test just as you have. Then players who don't particularly care about performance can meander their way through the dungeon together.

Otherwise, you'd almost certainly have complaints about people not being able to experience maximum content.
I really like this idea. I hope the devs get their developing caps on and put this in the game ASAP.
This would be so nice. Players are not taught the sort of gameplay that works best for heroics in solo questing, or even in normal instances. If you try to explain what they need to do, they swear at you.

I still miss the lock who cackled in glee at the end of Mechanar as he seduced a humanoid, banished an elemental, and fear-kited a third mob, leaving only one free for the tank and remaining DPS.
Or avoid pugging in general if you're going to cry about the people you're going to get. That's why you join a guild or make groups with others that you know and trust. I'll never rely on the LFD system and above all else expect intelligence from mouth breathers that que up.
This sounds perfect, I believe this should be implemented, they could try it on ptr to be sure it works first. I believe that with the proper adjustments required for fine tuning, this will work extremely well. I hope a blue or higher reads this thread and it is seen, and implemented, or at least Blizz could have the players vote on it if they are unsure and if they get more yes than no by enough it gets implemented.
What you should do is just make a practice heroic, you can do it when ever and you join a party with 4 npcs. Then your told what to do, and you do it. That could get a bit buggy though. For example, your told to CC a target, but the tank pulls and you have no way of getting out of its range. I guess blizz could design it so that target isn't struck by any member. It's something to think about though.

Edit: You could even change them according to classes, considering some classes don't have interupts/CC. I also agree with the point of heroics becoming predictable, I believe it should only test key factors CC/Interupt/threat/tank survivability/mana conservation/keeping tank alive during hard hitting phases.
A "training room" type of atmosphere would do wonders for everyone.

A requirement to make queuing for instances "performance-based" is short-sighted. You think queue times are long now? If this idea somehow makes it into the game, those times will multiply.

I have a good bit of time, but even I balk at sitting in queue for over an hour. Yes, my queue times range between 40min and 70min. I don't have that kind of time to waste, and I can only do so much Archaeology before my mind numbs.

Screw it. I'll wait for a guild tank.
Sound to me that he got ninjed a few times and got all butt hurt if u see someone that is not pulling what u like 1. vote to kick thats what it is there for 2. RUN WITH GUILD
good stuff

definitely needs a variety of quests though, some where you need to enable nameplates and hit an npc with an ability within x seconds of it spawning, maybe one where you set one mob to be a focus target while you deal with another one, and swap to it when it's casting something
Bad players come up with bad ideas.

12/28/2010 12:35 AMPosted by Sinkinglight
- Item level doesn't take into account gearing for the most ideal stats for the class/spec.
e.g. dps casters taking spirit gear.

(Some) Dps casters have talents that turn spirit into hit, thanks. The more you know.
This actually isnt a bad idea, even though it will make some people feel bad.
I always there should be a system like this for the dungeon finder but never thought of how it would work. This may not justify success but at least it will cut out most of the bad players queing up.

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