Basic prot gear questions.

Basically im just wondering what my Dodge, Parry and Block should look like.

If my gear would update... I'm sitting at 8.36% Dodge, 8.86% Parry and 46.69% Block.

I know im in some pvp gear... and i know ive got 2 pieces under 333 while wearing 2 359s... i know. Im just wondering what my Dodge, Parry and Block goals should be and what caps are so i dont exceed them.

Thanks for the help.

I also have 34476 armor... if anyone was wondering.
There really aren't "caps" on avoidance, per-say. There's a gearing strategy that will keep you right where you need to be though.

When you get a new piece of gear, reforge the highest avoidance stat to mastery. If the gear already has mastery, you can leave the avoidance as-is, or, if you're not getting smashed in dungeons, reforge for hit/expertise.

You want your block to be as high as possible, and your parry should hover about 2% over your dodge (Horn of the Winter and similar buffs will give you some dodge, so DR-wise it's better to have higher parry passively).

Just to give you an idea...I'm in all heroic/jp/exalted rep gear, and with two avoidance trinkets I'm sitting at:
Dodge: 10.01
Parry: 14.15
Block: 44.26
Armor: 35738

Please get rid of that PvP gear before you really start doing heroics...

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