Should I level as Ret?

I've heard how bad it is, could I possibly be prot and tank quests while I can do instances every now and then? I'm 80 atm, want to get to 85 and tank.
Try it and see? You are already 80, just go do it. If you level prot, you will use Ret gear anyway, except instead of a 2hander you'd use 1hander and shield. There's no reason to not test it out yourself.
It's easier to get into a desired role at endgame if you leveled as it.

I'm not sure if this holds true for Holy, but I'm 100% positive it holds true for Prot and Ret.
I just did it, it's fine. Can't compare with Prot obviously (or heaven forbid Holy) but I didn't have any problems. Could handle 2-3 adds with cooldowns and didn't take too long to plow down mobs with a decent 2H wep.

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