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I look at the healer forums and almost want to weep at what I see, I speak to healers on vent/teamspeek and they no longer enjoy playing wow.

Healers are dealing with two issues right now: one is that the pace of healing has slowed down, which doesn't suit some people, and the other is that avoidable damage in fights is such that healers CANNOT keep people up when they're ignoring it, and have enough mana to finish the fight.

Both issues come down to design changes intended to make choices related to mana expenditure mean something. Mana's not supposed to be like rogue energy, which refills in seconds, but through most of Wrath there wasn't a fight in the game that made me worry about my mana pool.

Healing was twitchy and timing sensitive, and a GCD spent on the wrong thing meant instant death for someone. Wipes often resulted in tanks and healers poring over logs trying to figure out whether a healer should have been able to cast something a fraction of a second faster.

For the highly skilled, truly awesome players with digital reflexes i'm sure heroics are easy, they could probably do them in greens.

That certainly isn't true for healers. In greens, healers wouldn't have the mana pool to sustain themselves for a heroic fight even if the DPS and tanks played perfectly.

Heroics are tuned to be manageable to heal if a few conditions are true:

1) Tank and healer are roughly in 333 gear IN EVERY SLOT, or have better than 333 gear available from rep or crafting to balance off the lower level gear in other slots.

2) The tank and DPS in the groups know or can learn to avoid damage caused by mechanics which require a response, such as move out of this or that ground effect, stand behind the boss to avoid a frontal cone attack, or kite an add that's after you. Particularly for that last type of mechanic, in several fights, they've given people a convenient arrow over their heads to let them know the adds are after them.

3) The healer has learned which heals are efficient and which are not, and makes good choices about using efficient heals whenever possible. For example, the second boss in H SFK periodically brings everyone's health down to 1 HP -- healing that damage back up for the entire group isn't sustainable, but it's not necessary either.

4) DPS can do enough damage to meet certain DPS tests in fights, like killing adds faster than they spawn and getting back on the boss in time to do a little damage before more adds come. The healer's mana bar also serves as a soft enrage for a lot of fights.

The main issues with PUG groups that I've seen are a result of people coming in undergeared or missing gems or enchants in gear, with inability to avoid damaging boss mechanics a distant second. The difference between what a player with no enchants and one with full enchants can do is often dramatic, but people don't do it, even when they know heroics are going to be hard to complete. It's a mystery to me!

"Oh, but I'm going to replace that piece of gear soon!" No, not if you can't complete a heroic.

For healers in particular who are unhappy, I'd say you of all people should be trying to find a guild that needs you. Many guilds need healers and will work with you to gear you up and help you get better, if they can.

For everyone else struggling in heroics, before we have the "don't stand in fire" discussion, make sure you're in full 333 blues or better, every slot, get the rep 346 gear, and please, for the love of God, gem and enchant everything that can take an enchant. Are you exalted with Therazane? You should be. Are you revered with whatever faction sells your head enchant? You should be that too. Figure out which reputations give you an epic item at exalted and start getting that rep up, by questing or running normal dungeons with your tabard.

I don't care how bad or good a player you are, if you haven't done all of those things first, you absolutely shouldn't be complaining about how hard the heroics are, because those things are entirely under your control.

The OP's not so incredibly bad on that front, btw, but really needs to be using blue quality gems in every slot and is missing a few enchants and Blacksmithing self-only gem sockets. Yes, it makes a difference. Yes, your heroics will go noticeably more easily when you do this. No, you should not plan to wait for epic gear before you use decent gems.
12/28/2010 3:30 AMPosted by Moortum

Classes that can interupt it:
Marks hunter

Im probably missing at least one.

shadow priest (if talented) or if holy
Marks Hunter
Ret or Prot Pally
Feral kitty OR boomkin (not often for boomkin)

o hay that's all ten classes. and you get FIVE of them in a group.

Feral tanks can every 10 seconds as well
How does that invalidate the point of the thread? What does that have to do with anything?

It doesn't invalidate the thread. I never said that. You should go re-read what you apparently already read.

Long incoherent posts don't do a good job of communicating a point. His argument/observation could have easily been stated in one paragraph. Plus, I think his argument is weak. Re-read my second post; I've edited it.
12/28/2010 3:32 AMPosted by Shadeezan

edit: at the person above me. My guild is casual. Your guild is bad. stop using the two terms synonymously.

I'd much rather be in a guild with decent human beings that are "bad" than in a guild with scumbags.

Those are not mutually exclusive traits in a guild.
Don't run heroics, problem solved. They're designed for people who want a challenging 5man experience, remember?
Two things. First off, the blues are part of a company that creates the game. They decide the game's direction, you don't. If you don't like it, then you can quit, but don't tell everyone that it is, objectively worse. Some people (myself included) are very happy with the current level of difficulty.

Secondly, Is it arrogance and hubris, or bluntness and honesty that you view as such?
lols for a "poor qq" or a "lt:dr" some people are posting pretty often on here :P
I totally understand how you feel. Just a look at the forums, and reading the "L2P baddie" posts in reply to most casual players' concerns illustrates what this game, and this community, have become. Count me also as a player who's not renewing. WoW is just no fun any more.

No, none of you can have my stuff.
The content is not that hard once your geared for it.
Dreuel, you should post that little guide as the OP of a new thread so it can be properly stickied.

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