Tanking advice needed

I don't know a lot about the paladin class, and I would like to become a lot better at my role as a tank. However, all the different sites and guides can be a little overwhelming.

Based on my stats and gear now, what changes/upgrades should I be looking for. I know expertise should be at 26 and hit 8% but other than that I'm a bit lost.

Thanks in advance!
The guides aren't overwhelming...
Xayton's guide:

Digren's Gearing guide:

Theck's *advanced* analysis:

Hit/Expertise are second to surviving. A dead tank produces no threat. Build your Mastery up first, worry about hit/expertise when you hit heroics.
I guess, for me, who is fairly new to the whole game, some of the guides are overwhelming. I was never good at numbers and math so seeing all those numbers in the guides makes my head spin. But thanks for the links. I will re-check them out.

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