Who's still here from 2004-2005?

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I've seen a couple of old names recently and was wondering what toons and/or players are still here from the early days after the initial release. I started here on Samnoth in February after release.
<-- Juturna

Reppin' since 04

Server 1st GM Island
server first GM island my ass you bad,

Takiya-Taelthas- Takeya
60 70 80-85
I never left. Too much fun to go anywhere else.
I have a top hat now. I am both classy and old.
12/30/2010 6:08 AMPosted by Kieromaris
I have a top hat now. I am both classy and old.

If you're old, wtf does that make me?
12/30/2010 11:09 AMPosted by Dawes

If you're old, wtf does that make me?

Do you really want us to answer that? Really?

Newly returned and with another N in the name but still floating about.

Day 1 zul'jin as well. Back then I was a horde mage by the name of Roger... times have changed since then.
Been here since day 1 too on a priest named Starza. Rotated between alts and factions to finally settle where I am now.
Day one Zul'jin here.
Pervin and Samnoth, now there are some names I remember ;)
I'm here.

But I am a nobody.


Oh how I miss the naked dancing in South Shore!

Me, been here since day one. /wave
Original here.

I raided in Valorous as Alairis the priest. Good friend of Hyperburn back then.

I'm sure the old zuljinites remember Valorous.
I'm still waiting for Radin to give me my Fiery Cores.
Barely made the 05 cut, but still here.

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