Who's still here from 2004-2005?

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Timoxa, come back to wow plz.

Vanilla: Gnome Warlock Alliance called Anklebyter
BC: Alamoo/Eemajin Horde side
Wotlk: Alamoo

came in late Cata as Woopsie, troll rogue which continued with through MOP. Also have a paladin named Purpldrank, and now Brewmaster Sumtingswong (rip Drunkslut)

Shout outs to Oscy, Sasuke, Trans mage crew.
Anklybitter has connected.
Hey Caszune, are you still playing at all? Shib here.
Yeah I installed a couple weeks ago. Been messing around casually. Priest just hit 90, having fun trying to gear him up!
I sent you an in game mail with my Battle tag, check it when you get a chance!
Just bought the xpac and re-activated today :3

holy !@#$! Yina <3

I was baldbeard in those days but that account is lost. This is my new warrior.
Whats going on in here?
I've been playing on Zul'Jin since '05. My first toon was a human warrior named Hypatos.
Meanwhile unable to escape Zul'jins cold dead grip.
I've been creepin in the shadow of alts....
I started at release as Istari, NE rogue. Then I made Ouchiewawa, human warlock. I was with Valorous for a short while but did most of my raiding in The Order of Azeroth.

I quit right before BC and just restarted a month ago (on Dalaran now, not Zul'jin... but I miss you guys :( )
I was also a day one Zul'jin player, but still a human Warrior back than. :) Currently I have returned on the Garona server to see what the game has become. A few of you may remember the old world pvp days which I was largely a part of with my little dwarven hunter buddy Diggar and our night elf hunter friend Kikari. Those were some fun times for me in game. Kind of sucks Blizzard decided to give the horde South Shore permanently, haha. I may re-roll here as a Death Knight after I get my Panda Monk on Garona up to 55.
Had a troll priest on ZJ named Dayim once upon a time. Anyone remember a orc Warrior named Neverdies? He was always telling people he was writing a book. Never forget him and another priest named Serenity got into one night over something but i remember it lasting for hours. The Marauding Horde was the guilds name, I joined only because they would let me raid as a Spriest. Then we would meet every week at ZG just to wipe all night lol.
Member of Wow since July 05, was a druid then, still my druid years and years later.
Day one account here, <Knights Templar> ftw. Still around in one form or another. There's a few KT members on Zul'jin remaining on horde and alliance.

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