Who's still here from 2004-2005?

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Day one on my warlock Greatmilenko (now named Umbradomini).
11/13/2011 04:13 PMPosted by Riddlebox
Day one on my warlock Greatmilenko (now named Umbradomini).

Great Milenko

Riddle Box

Gee, I can't figure out what group you like.
I see no Eskimo or Sasuke, Ichi I know is still sadly here...
11/06/2011 02:26 AMPosted by Záne
went from Zul'jin > Skywall > Arthas

Name sounds familiar, but I went from Zul'jin>Arthas>Illidan>Arthas>Zul'jin.

Part I don't get is, how/why did you go from Zul'jin, to Skywall? Rofl?

P.S. Tell Pesca/Spinachfail Sindelle says hi.
For trans people. I saw Ziggyzom running around on the PTR, so he's still playing. Also saw Moglyzok log on recently.
so many names of people who used to #@!! me in bgs....the good ol days
Checking in - finally - after avoiding doing so for weeks on end.

Swiftpots (original pally name) - Shortened to Swiftee a few years back because thats what my guildies called me anyhow
Septicshock (original rogue name) - changed to Codebreaker which was my very first toon name on Kul Tiras (long since deleted)
Kiria (original hunter name) - changed to Mindblown following recusomization

Have added plenty more since, but those 3 were my originals.
Samnoth! HA! theres a throwback---

Still here from the start, back from the days of The Tenth

/Thread necro.

Don't play on this server, but herro old-school ZJ!

I have been playing since a few days after release. I couldn't get it day one, I was out in the field for Military Training. I haven't been on this server until about two or three weeks ago.
Are any of the DA-get-Aes-HWL bg crew still playing?

I don't really play much anymore. Don't even have a max char. Warms my heart to see all these names, however.

oh hey
<--Was originally a warlock. rawr
<--Was originally a warlock. rawr

^ is still bad.
why am i still here..
<--Was originally a warlock. rawr

^ is still bad.

Yup. still falling asleep during raids as usual. lol
2am pug what up

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