Who's still here from 2004-2005?

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/Thread necro.

Don't play on this server, but herro old-school ZJ!


Now that's a name I remember from the Honor Grind, I still look fondly at those days, but my goodness was this game awful...
Totemhoof/Scrotemhoof - been here since day 1 on Zul'Jin with brief transfers with the guild.

Zul'Jin>Black Dragonflight>Zul'jin>Echo Isles> Zul'jin. Both xfers were for very short 3-6 month stints so Zul'jin has pretty much always been my home.

Also managed to pick up one of these because of that

<------ Tauren Mill, Alterac Valley Rockstar.

Where's that mouthy undead Rogue from back in the day? Name is on the tip of my tongue...I'll have to check my old killshots from back in the day.

SASUKE is his name! I found it on Page 8 =P

Feb '05


Shout out to my long lost homies Hyperburn, Simonpeter

I play as my Alliance DK named Sathir now on ZJ.
Must keep this thread on front page. D:
Day 1.

Never a main switch. Never a server transfer.

Its cool to see so many old names still around.

Fuzzywuzzybb/Buddybear here.

Been here since August of '06, never left.

Edit: I realize that's outside of the '04-'05 range, but I wanted to feel apart of something :P
been here since launch.

same character :D
I've been playing since then! With plenty and plenty of breaks. Switched from NE to worgen, but no transfers or main switches.

And Vannik's full of !@#$, I ain't skurred of nobody.
Takeya + Izzy must die! That is all.
boo, alot of names I know but none that I really knew. Any one from Dark Dreams/The Ancients(lol diremage...creepy !@#$) still playing? Im Meteortosser/Ragolas, Grillcheezey and Deezie still play on occasion.
alliance side is leh dead now i suppose. everyone goin horde...
Been on Zul'jin since 2007 with various names.
Never been very social, but I've been watching you all.

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