As of now. Not all Gilneans are worgen right?

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I've planned on Roleplaying as a Gilnean, but when it comes to fighting Worgen styles are absolutely silly looking. So I think I just want to role a Human and play him as Gilnean. Is this alright?
Any other things you guys think I should know about playing a Gilnean? All help is appreciated ^^
Try to get the accent going... it's harder then it sounds.
I honestly don't plan on making my accent thick. I'll base it off of how it's typed with the NPC's quests. I know if I were talking to a Gilnean i'd just read their chat in the accent myself.
Ah okay, well besides that, show off some Gilnean pride(get Gilneas to exalted for shizs and giggles) and try to keep the same mindset as most Gilneans. You just lost your home to undead and crazy werewolves and you might(this is optional) not accept worgen as much as others. Also try to get some sort of hate for the undead going, unless your character is going to be that relaxed.
Oh yes i've already taken this into view. Taking into account the way Godfrey reacted to the Worgen, I plan on having my character a little iffy on them. But he doesn't completely hate them due to an event that happens in his backstory. Thank you for the help by the way. Oh and Undead are definitely on my blacklist. Heh.
That's fine. Not all of them were infected.

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