Sanctity of Battle talent for pee vee pees.

I picked up this talent when I started PVPing because I had ~1600 haste rating from my PVE gear that I was toting.

Now I'm closing in on completing my PVP set, and I'm getting less and less haste. With Judgements of the Pure up it's barely below a 4 second cooldown, which doesn't get much of anything accomplished. One I complete my PVP set I'm only going to have like 150 unavoidable haste rating.

I'm thinking about dropping the talent to max our Rule of Law, but it feels like a talent I'm supposed to have. :S It is nice for when Bloodlust is used, but I'm not sure that justifies the point since random players are random, and my arena team doesn't have bloodlust.

What are your thoughts on the talent for PVP?
I'd say definitely put the point elsewhere until higher tiers of gear arrive to experiment with. The amount of available stats at the current moment just doesn't seem to make the talent worth it in such a gear setting.
I like having my CS at a 4 second cooldown for PVP. It just feels right. I get about 3% haste from gear then take Judgments of the Pure and Sanctity of Battle.
I'm going to take Judgments of the Pure to get to Last Word anyway, might as well spend 1 point for Sanctity of Battle.

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