10% Damage Reduction - Why I 100% Unsubbed

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They did invite the top pvpers. Once. And that was all. We got reduced cc and ashran from it. But doing it once every 2 years isn't how to go about it
good points
It's frustrating too that there obviously has been a big backlash to this change and not a single word. Even a just generic, "we are monitoring the impact of the damage reduction change in pvp" would have been appreciated.
UGH I was having so much fun before the damage nerf and now its like all of it went to hell. I DONT WANT TO UNSUBB because for once i was actually enjoying WoW. This is so FRUSTRATING.
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03/15/2015 01:31 PMPosted by Pointgivens
I don't see why the devs don't do a bi-monthly check in with the top pvp'ers. The setup / time commitment would be minuscule, the feedback would be valuable, and everyone would benefit. Do it on a public forum like twitch for the general population to listen to, be able chime in on via chat, and see that there is honest discussion going on. I'm think / hope the devs pay some attention to players feedback but the changes that keep coming up are out of touch with the situation.

I doubt anyone would decline if Holinka invited them to discuss PvP balance. Everyone knows the top arena / rbg players and would respect their insights. Don't leave us in the dark while make massive changes with no warning.

One of the problems with this is a lot of the top players are no different than your average 1500 forum rager*. Sure they are infinitely better at the game and have a far deeper insight into game mechanics, but they too suffer significant amounts of confirmation bias and group think/mob mentality.

Just because they are exceptionally good at this game doesn't mean they are any better at constructively designing a fun and relatively well balanced game. A real life analog would be the fact that in many many sports the best players often make the worst coaches.

I watch plenty of streams and the amount of off the cuff comments that if listened to would actually hurt the game rather than help it is hilarious.

Also the fact that many of the top players are just good old fashioned egotistical idiots (Dilly, Jah, Mitch, etc) doesn't help either.

* not all of course, I am sure there are plenty of reasonable rational players out there.

When dealing specifically with class balance I tend to agree with you, but when we're talking about overall quality of the meta, I feel like top players often have very good input.

And you know things are bad when even the people who are benefiting from the change are commenting on how terrible it is. All the top RMD/god comps that I've talked to think the change was terrible for the game as well.
I've been a hunter

Opinion discarded
Been trying to deal with the arenas over the past couple of days and boy have they become boring and frustrating. Most games are going way to far into dampening where everyone is using their cooldowns 3-4 times. The pace and lack of punishments for errors is really pushing me away from this game right now. Before the reduction sure there were classes that could do a lot of damage but it was a fun fast paced game play and you could still win if you played it right. This change for me seems like it wasn't thought through and was an easy out.
Maybe now that they bumped the PvE gear item levels up they will look at PvP again :/
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Priest: When Power Word Shield is dispelled, heals for 50% of absorb remaining

I've been playing disc since the release of WoTLK, and I don't think that this would fix how broken the spec is. Discs are a completely different play style then how they used to be and not in a good way. In my opinion saving grace should be removed from the game. It's setup to either be too OP or too under powered and has made discs boring, as you're hitting the same button for 95% of arena matches. PW:S has become obsolete now that almost every class has a dispel, when this used to be arguably discs best ability. Also, discs have been left with NO dispel protection and remain completely bare while in stun locks with no hot to rely on. Using PoM during matches is almost counter productive while you waste a global and could press basically any other spell for a better outcome. With the insta-dispel's on PW:S it makes many disc glyphs just something to fill the 3rd glyph slot with.

In summary, discs need to be rebuilt hopefully resembling WoTLK days. I hit 2400+ when I was 12-13 before deleting my old account, I'm now almost 20 and can't go far past 2200. I'm no R1 gladiator player, so I'll leave the ideal fixing to Jesus.

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