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Hello! This is a topic to express IDEAS!
This is not a place to put others thoughts down or a place to troll. There doesn't need to be any give or take, yes or no... it's just a place to sink-in-what'chu-thinkin. :D

I'm genuinely interested in reading the ONE BIG IDEA you would want in the next expac.
It can be anything, like a new class, new race, new zone, and even new events.

If I could choose something that would be most appealing to me, I'd choose a fourth, class-changing spec.
Example: DK's can become a Lich. This would completely overhaul their design of a plate wearing plague spreader of doom, into a cloth-caster that uses the undead to their bidding (More so than Unholy does already)

If I could rhyme off a few other spec idea's it would be:
Rogue: Demon-hunter; Kinda like the Diablo3 Demon hunter. A poison-crossbow wielding stealth-range enthusiast. Or a Saboteur that uses bombs... maybe even leave a bomb in a pick-pocketed target Hehe.. boom.

Monk: Zen-master: Another dps spec that relies more so on ranged spell casting.

Hunter: Artillery; Gives them massive range and strong bombardment spells, but at the cost of movement and mobility.

Shaman: Spirit spawner: A pet class for shamans.... As an off-shot idea, making them tanky again would be weird, but I'd love the unique pet-spawning-tanking class.

Priest: Illusionist; Not so much a healer, or a dps... this is a straight up support to make things die quicker spec. Lots of CC and mimicry.

I have more idea's but I just want to end on this last one: Each fourth spec would be unlocked at level 60, through a class-race specific quest chain. (Would be a different experience for alt's too)

So, what would you love to see implemented into WoW?
I'm interested in a Dark Ranger class. Available to NEs, BEs, Humans and Forsaken. My idea sounds a lot like the rogue idea you mention above except I'd have the dark rangers wear mail.

I like your class specific quest chains too. I really miss those as well.

As for an expansion idea I guess I'll go with an Azshara related expansion. I am sick of Thrall and Orcs, to be honest.
03/16/2015 01:18 PMPosted by Hotaruu
As for an expansion idea I guess I'll go with an Azshara related expansion. I am sick of Thrall and Orcs, to be honest.


Let's run with the Naga/Aszhara angle, but pump it up with some heavy-duty Old God/Lovecraft OOMPH. We got a taste of that here and there in WotLK and Cata, now let's go whole-hog and really bust out the mind-shattering horrors from beyond time and space.

Plus, it's an excuse to design zones that the Naga would be involved in without setting the whole thing underwater. Again.

World of Warcraft: Highlords of Azeroth

New Races:
Alliance - High Elves
Horde - Dark Iron Dwarves
New Classes:
Runeguard - Mail Class
Golemancer - Leather Class

Story: As Grommash Hellscream falls and the Iron Horde is broken, Gul'dan makes contact with his master, Medhiv, and informs him of the failure on Draenor. Prepared for this setback, Medhiv calls the remainder of the Shadow Council to Azeroth, re-establishing the Dark Portal. The great Kingdom of Stormwind has fallen to the Guardian's demonic powers, with King Llane, Anduin Lothar, and young Prince Varian Wrynn having fled to Lordaeron.

In the north, the Kingdoms of Stromgarde, Gilneas, Alterac, and Kul Tiras have joined together in an alliance known as, 'The Dominion,' with the intent of conquering the Northern Eastern Kingdoms for humanity. The Kingdoms of Dalaran and Lordaeron join together to aid Quel'Thalas against the onslaught of The Dominion. In a critical battle along the Elrendar river, the heroes of the Alliance force back the Dominion, securing the High Elven kingdom.

Meanwhile in the South, Ironforge seals its gates with the corruption of Stormwind and the spread of the Dominion into the Wetlands and Loch Modan. The Dark Iron Dwarves, newly liberated from the forces of Ragnaros by the aid of Horde heroes, begins to spread across the lands of Dun Morogh, Loch Modan, and the Wetlands, fighting back against the Dominion.
Awesome ideas! If only we could have all of them implemented. =P
I just want NAGA to be a playable race.

1. underwater breathing is a given
2. insert useless passive bonus
3. Water soaked skin(2 min cd): For the next 3 seconds, Naga becomes slippery and makes all spells and attacks 50% to miss.
03/16/2015 01:49 PMPosted by Elenie
New Races:
Alliance - High Elves
Horde - Dark Iron Dwarves

You lost me at this.

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