PvP needs to speed up

The effective health of a player is just too high. We have double the health, and a (1 - (1 - (1.1 * 1.15)) =) 0.735 damage multiplier to eat through. Slow PvP is not fun and it's actually hindering balance in the game.
One reason CC stands out so much in MoP and WoD is because players now have time to use multiple rounds of 8s Disorient -> 8s Incapacitate -> 4s Stun -> 4s Silence -> 4s Incapacitate -> 8s Disorient. It's not fun to spend half of a 5-10 minute game in a CC.
Burst is over the top, because it's necessary for some classes to survive. Multiple CDs are required to eat through multiple defensives and/or the tankiness of every player. You wanna kill someone? Unless you're a FotM team like RMD or Jungle, you have to auto-attack someone to half health before you can even consider popping CDs. That's not fun.
Healing is out of control (especially the instant cast HoTs), because damage reductions also increase the effectiveness of healing. It's not fun to deal minor amounts of damage until you're ready to burst, line up all your team's CDs, get someone to half health, then see their health bar jump to full. Guess what? Now you have to wait 1-3 minutes for that to happen again, then repeat that until Dampening. It's disheartening.

Prior to MoP, healers could OOM very quickly, your basic rotation was enough to force defensives, hard swaps were more potent, and CC usage was minimalized. More specs/builds were viable for PvP, and you went through the game quickly. Slow is boring. Fast is fun. So cut our health in half and remove the passive damage reductions. Please and thank you.
I thought Blizzard's goal for WoD PvP was to reduce CC and not have you spending half a minute in a chain?

Guess that failed, just like so many other things.

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I don't like that you posted on a toon that only shows 4 arena matches played.

I can't see what your actual experience is to judge the relevance of the post.

03/18/2015 10:01 AMPosted by Alcone
Slow is boring. Fast is fun. So cut our health in half and remove the passive damage reductions. Please and thank you.

Certain comps can still easily instagib atm. I'm not sure I want this to happen from every dps.
03/18/2015 10:01 AMPosted by Alcone
and a (1 - (1.1 * 1.1) =) 0.79 damage multiplier to eat through

Actually we have a .765 damage multiplier (10% and 15% from trinkets), but yes, I agree. Pacing went from pretty good to awful.
The games are way too slow. Sadly I wouldn't expect a change any time soon with the little to no thought PVP, and the current content in general has been given. PVP is becoming borderline PVE content when you are just waiting for a specific sequence of events before you can think about killing your target.

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