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Pet Battles
Same rules as last week with the Elver. My favorite post as to why you deserve this speedy little undead horror wins you the pet. There will also be one runner's up prize of a Horde rep pet (Forest Sproutling, Albino River Calf, Son of Sethe, Frostwolf Pup, or Bone Wasp) of your choice. I'll announce the winners this Friday (3/20/15) by the end of the day. Have fun, be creative, and good luck!
I recently got a second Frostwolf Ghostpup. At first I thought I would add it to my trade list, but then I paused. The RP text on this pet is one of the most touching, IMO, rivaled only by the Infested Bear Cub, and I decided that since I have two now I will keep them both and they can play together instead.

So I'd like the Bone Serpent as a play companion for my two Ghostpups. Dogs like chasing bones, and the Bone Serpent is basically a living bone. It's perfect. And on top of that, it has Bone Barrage - it can literally throw a giant storm of bones at them. If that's not puppy heaven, I don't know what is.
I will hug him and squeeze him and pet him and wash him and call him George!
Because they took my chicken bones to make that guy!!
Because I do not have one and Kura gave me two talbuks instead of one of the other two.

I've always been a fan of the Hakkar lore and if I win it I plan on naming it Lil Hakkar.
I'm quite certain I don't deserve your Bone Serpent but I have to commend you on giving someone the opportunity to receive a rare and hard to get pet. Cheers:)
I'm posting to remind myself to post about why I'd like (but not deserve) a bone serpent...tomorrow. :U
Last call for submissions. I'll pick my favorites at the end of the work day today.

P.S. Hemming your guild name is amazing!
I would like to adopt the Bone Serpent into my pet family. I love pets and truly enjoy each and every one that I currently have. I try to spend time with all of them, learning how some compliment each other in certain battles.

I admit to being a bit addicted to my menagerie! Someone has to care for these little guys :)

Thanks in advance for offering your pets to good homes/Garrisons


To write this, I revisited Tanaris where I first became enthralled with the undead wind serpents. I was disappointed ages ago that they couldn't be hunter pets, so I was happy when I found out a battle pet model was forthcoming. I'm still hoping they can be tamed someday. :)

*** *** ***

bone serpent

i watch you in the stark
sky over cloudless tanaris
flying improbably
with tattered wings
glitter of sandstorm
billowing around you
as if your spirit
can't fit your frail frame
and the dust shines
in the dark blue
like stars in the making

on the shifting ground
your sharp grey outline
never stops moving
while the zephyr from uldum
plays through your bones
a wistful melody
like prairie breeze
slipping between woven
reed of dreamcatchers
on elder rise

i wish i were a hunter
to invite you to join me
but i would become
a ghost beside you
before you'd consent
to being tamed

gentle breath
of the earth mother
holds you aloft
and makes my hooves
so light on the dunes
my prints fade when i am
ten steps away from you
but not too far to hear
in my heart the promise
you'll follow to a land
of ice and lava flow

where the wind will sing
through your wings
of shadow and bone
a sweeter song of belonging
and companions gathered
by the bonfires of home
I personally do not think it should go to me. According to the pet journal text, the critter enjoys burring into skulls and devouring brains. Unfortunately for me, I think I would be hard-pressed to discover a reliable, stable source of food. However, if you would like me to become the scientist responsible for attempting to alter a specialized mealplan including 5% Whole Brain-meal, I wholeheartedly accept this endeavor and responsibility required. The speedy nature of the serpent means I also get to take him out for walks, perhaps introducing him to vermin sites where I'll be able to record whether or not humanoid brains are the only form of sustenance, or if rodents are acceptable substitutions.
Draenor hasn't been particularly kind to Larkspur Plagueheart, Knight-Captain of the Ebon Blade. The problem is the paperwork: The initial suicide mission through the reactivated Dark Portal was suitably exciting for a death knight's tastes, but when anyone with a military background was summarily promoted to a commander of the string of garrisons Horde leadership wanted to build in Frostfire... Well, there's a reason Lark is only a knight-captain, and that's due to a temperament categorically unsuited to leadership.

And a total lack of patience for the day-to-day minutiae of running an outpost where no one would even budge outside to patrol without being told directly to do it. But mostly it's the paperwork, which would be bad enough all by itself even if Lark weren't blind; given that, it's a daily comedy of errors to get missions and work orders and scouting reports sorted out (leaving entirely aside the Shadow Hunters that still think it's hilarious to turn in intelligence packets with "For Your Eyes Only" on them to a commander who doesn't even have eyes).

Lark hates it. But it takes up most of his time, so what few hours he's got to himself in the average week (discounting time spent murdering whatever enemy faction happens to get in his way--the inescapable Hunger of death knights and all) are reserved for two things: Talking to the plants in his garden and finding new pets. And there are lots of new pets on Draenor, in all shapes and sizes and temperaments: Peacock hatchlings like tiny self-mobile puffs of feathers, squeezable (and delicious--oops) living spores, baby ravagers that are all teeth and bad attitude, wasps and wolf pups and demonlings... Though Lark's very favorite of the new pets is probably the undead lobstrosity cobbled together from all the bits of carapace and sinew left over after he plowed through a Shadowmoon necromancer's undead crayfish horde. (That, or the ghostly puppy that started following him around one day not long after he dug up a fossilized fang in Frostfire.) He's on the path of the Unholy, after all, which makes him mostly a necromancer himself and therefore possessed of an enormous soft spot for his fellow dead things.

So naturally when he heard about the undead skeletal serpents in the Spires of Arak, he put them on his list of things he needed to have as a pet. There was only one problem: though, in theory, the creatures reproduced themselves and pint-sized, tameable versions existed (it would, Lark figures, take far too long to break the will of an adult serpent until it made a suitable pet--and it would be uncouth, besides), their breeding season wasn't until nearly spring and it was the middle of winter when he'd arrived on Draenor. (Also the arakkoa said the infant serpents had a taste for brains, which was: one, the most AMAZING thing Lark had ever heard, and two: completely not an issue, since his own brain had rotted out a long time ago.)

So he set about to wait. And wait. And wait for the serpents to spawn. And what do you know but when they finally did, some tauren had gone about snatching up all the baby snakes and carting them off before Lark could get away from all his paperwork and get one of his own? And now she's making people fight her before she'll part with one of them! The nerve of some people. (Worse, she keeps giving him pocket lint. "It's because I'm blind," he grumbled, winning "sympathetic" facepalms from most of his followers.)

It's all right, though. He figures he'll get one out of her in time, once he's gotten over being generally resentful she stole them all before he could get there. That, or he'll get frustrated and raise her into an eternity of undeath one of these days. Either-or.

So maybe it's in Kura's best interest if he finds one before that.
I happened to stumble across an add today in the local Warspear paper...

Free to good home! It said, a serpent who was more bones than anything.. Blados chuckled.. I too know that feeling looking down at himself.

He went to seek the Orc Shaman Aeth about the pet he might adopt. Sooo where is this pet? He asked Aeth.
Ohhh he's in the back! Abit puzzled looking around, Blados noticed Aeth wasn't the type to not care for pets. Yet it was mentioned "mostly bones"..

As they walked back a look of horror came over Blados.. Major Deja vuu of a time long past. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS?!!!?

Aeth looking confused, Blados yelled: IT'S A SPAWN OF HAKKAR! "Hakkar was a god of time long past, one Blados doesn't have fond memories of".

Blados started to walk away but glanced back, all alone the bone serpent was. No one else around, critters an others all around in the front yard. Yet it was left in the back. A feeling Blados knew..being undead as well.

He turned to Aeth. I will adopt him, if you find no others by this evening. Aeth replied well.. I should let you know... He's in the back cause he devoured a mountain skunks brain... Seems to have a taste for brains.

Well... Smiled Blados. Seems like family to me. They both chuckled.
I'm probably the last person who should win this, but just wanted to stop by and say you're awesome for doing this.
Holy balls those are some good submissions! Once again you've made me break my own rules because I can't pick just two favorites. Two runners up again:

Larkspur and Blados both really impressed me with the level of detail and backstory they put into their posts. Excellent job and deserving of a rep pet of your choice!

And the winner of the Bone Serpent itself is...Harrowing! Your submission was really quite beautiful. I liked it a lot. You'll make a wonderful owner for this little guy.

Sky#1401. I'll be around tonight and this weekend. If I'm not in WoW I'll either be in HotS or doing homework at my computer so hit me up.

Thanks again, everyone! I really love what you come up with! I already have next week's pet picked out so stay tuned next Wednesday for another chance to win!
Added! A Bone Wasp would be fantastic, since much like IC Larkspur, I don't have much time except for homework and pet battles. :(
I'm so grateful to be able to welcome little Aeth to my menagerie! I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into hosting these entertaining contests.

I would love for Blizz to make you one of the NPCs they create based on pet loving players such as Cymre and Quintessence of Light because incredible people like you are the main reason WoW is such a good place to be.

Thank you from the heart. <3
Tyvm for the Frostwolf Pup! After doing all of Frostfire I will totally treasure the wolf as they do there! Have a good weekend!

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