Best Horde Warlock race since Cataclysm.

Okay guys, I just started playing again since Cataclysm came out, and I've decided to faction change to Horde.
I'm having trouble determining which is the most advantageous race to go with...
( Stats, Racial abilities etc.. )
Please help me!!
Depends. Probably goblin though in general, though orcs are a pretty good pick too. Enjoy the horde bandwagon :P
I race changed from undead to orc to goblin and i like the orc better but this goblin thing is pretty BA
If you're really picky enough to min/max based solely on racials then Orc would be on top, especially for Demo. Not that Demo would be the top DPS spec for an orc, but that's the point. Racials really have a minimal effect on DPS. They're easily trumped by the mighty RNG gods.
Orc. Because the Hulk can wear dresses.

The only warlock race that could beat you in an arm wrestling competition.
Orc, because we are the Horde.
This lock started as a Blood Elf, then a Goblin, then an Orc. I'm really loving the Orc. My guildies can find me (cuz I'm not 2 feet tall anymore) when partnered up for orbs on Staghelm or shards on Baleroc, and I'm pretty badass lookin' in general.

Definitely Orc.

OR! Racials be damned and go Troll for the rare factor.
Still undead.
For epic warlock race? Undead, always and forever.

For min/maxing, orc. Increased pet damage is super-badass for Demo locks, and mix in Blood Fury with your other cooldowns...

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