The Light: A Brief Commentary

The Founding Principle

First and foremost, the Holy Light is not a religion; but a philosophy. It provides spiritual strength to its followers and serves to teach its adherents to do Good, above all else. It teaches that once you acknowledge your connection between yourself and the world, you must also accept that everything you are is a reflection of that connection.

That connection can be dark and twisted and lead to horrendous atrocities, resulting--eventually--in your destruction, or it can be a beacon of warmth and understanding, guiding others who have lost their way in the world.

You can make practical use of the connection, if you feel it is strong enough. If you wish to find happiness, you must work to make the world around you happier; while seeking to find the beauty in all things can lead to your discovery of your own inner beauty. But be warned that if you fall into the grips of despair or depression, the world itself will feel your pain and become what you experience.

Given these points, the Holy Light can be described as a way of thinking that leaves you as the arbiter of the world. It is a lot of responsibility--truth be told--but it is a responsibility worth having; just as much as this is a world worth experiencing.

The Three Virtues

Each thing has its own connection to the world.

The world is too large to be remade in a day.

You accomplish more brightening the lives of others than your own.

From these Virtues, we realize that we should never harm what we would value should it have been ours. We realize that though routes of expedience may prove alluring, it is only through perseverance that we create strength. We realize, as well, that we should give aid to others freely, without diminishing the recipients or demanding recompense.

The Cost

Following the Holy Light is not a decision made without serious thought. Everyone gives up a great deal in order to follow their calling; to use the powers this philosophy offers. The greatest cost of all, it would seem, is the personal sacrifice that is required to remain righteous and just.

After all, the Light's true enemies are agents of destruction and entropy. Change for the better is the charge of all adherents of the Light; change for the worse, their foe.

So, to my brothers and sisters, walk proudly in the Light, and it shall shine through you in your deeds and make our world a better place for all.
nice. Its like the force, only with more cowbell and a foundation reality

Merry Christmas =)
Aye, the Light is firmly grounded in reality. Every known race can practice it and no willing participant is turned away by others who follow; at least, no practitioner of the true philosophy. There are those who politicize their involvement, only to act in ways that would force irreconcilable rejection to those who don't conform to their ideologies; the Scarlet Crusade comes to mind as an all too frequent reminder.
... why do my insides hurt after reading this.......
12/24/2010 8:53 PMPosted by Meatwads
... why do my insides hurt after reading this.......

It is merely the realization of the pain the world feels due to the lack of this knowledge. Every follower of the Light should know this. Verbatim recollection is not necessary, as long as the adherent follows the Path of Righteousness with personal temperance in mind.
I'm afraid I must disagree, as one who is among the Undead I can certainly argue that we cannot take advantage of the powers of the light. There are no Undead Paladins and Undead priests draw their powers from elsewhere.

Though I respect and value the teachings of the light, there are those of us who can only draw comfort from the shadows.
It is still possible for Forsaken, such as yourself, to use the Holy Light. Those who pursue it must be of very strong will, however, for it is very painful for them to do so.

Forsaken Priests learn the Light like any race does. They learn to work with it and weave it to help others and themselves, like any adherent does. The Forsaken, however, largely do this to remain aware of the Light's power over their newly inherited domain.

Also remember that the Forsaken have their old connections with emotions, with loved ones, indeed with their entire life forcefully broken. Without these bonds, it is extremely difficult to re-establish a strong connection with the Universe, something necessary to even begin to understand the central Virtues which guide us.

Perhaps you should convene with Leonid Barthalomew of the Argent Dawn or Roberick Dartfall in Tirisfal for further assistance in this matter; they are both shining examples of Forsaken that have left behind their assumed state and striven for doing Good.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Feast of Winter Veil!

And know that the joy that comes from embracing this time of year is the same that those who follow the Light seek to bring to all denizens of our world daily.

Walk in the Light, brothers and sisters!
i liked the light better when i was siphoning off the power of a captured alien windchime.

ffs to much work to be respectful and nice to everyone. i'm a tank. its my job to be a douchbag.
12/24/2010 8:21 PMPosted by Rathimis
nice. Its like the force, only with more cowbell and a foundation reality

Merry Christmas =)
I got a FEEVA! Gotta have more COWBELL!
Thanks for the post, Biral. It's awesome :)
"to much work to be respectful and nice to everyone. i'm a tank. its my job to be a douchbag."

I mean no disrespect, but the job of a tank is anything but "being a douchebag", to use your so eloquently-chosen words. A tank is a protector of the innocent and a guardian, in other words, the exact opposite of a douchebag. You're more than welcome to be a douchebag (although I personally think you are not a douchebag, you're probably pretty cool), or you can be a tank (I'm sure you're a great one) but it's impossible to be both.

May the Light shine upon all of you this Winter Veil, and rain a storm of good upon the tortured lands of Azeroth.

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